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Our Tryst

This is a story that myself and Eira wrote some time ago to each other, alternately, and thought we would share it with you parts!


When we meet, it is at a small quiet restaurant for a nice dinner and drinks. We hold hands across the table and smile at each other like two star crossed lovers.....which we are! After small intimate talk and dinner and a couple of drinks, we leave hand in hand to my car. You arranged for someone to stay with your son for the night so we go to a nice motel. We arrive and get out of the car and enter the room. To your surprise, the room has been set up for a very seductive, and sexual night! The lamps have red bulbs in them and the bed (a king bed) has been set up with wrist and ankle restraints laying ready for you! On the pillow is a blindfold and gag. Next to the bed on a table....the tools of your torture .....floggers, paddles, canes, nipple clamps, dildos and plugs, wartenburg wheel, and various other devices.

You look at everything laid out and turn to ask me a question and I meet your questioning eyes with a quick grip on your neck with my hand and back you against the wall! I look you in the eyes then with my other hand push firmly against your pussy and start applying pressure. I kiss you deeply and feel you push against my hand and I can feel the wetness on your panties. I let go of your neck and reach around to grab your hair. I pull back on it hearing a moan escape your lips. I tell you to go over to the bed and strip. I ask you who you are and you respond, "I'm your girl Sir" and I shake my head in agreement. I then ask you what you are and you look me directly in the eyes, smile and say, "I'm your slut Sir"! I smile in agreement and turn you around and quickly give you a hard smack on the ass with my hand and you respond, "thank you Sir"

I lean you over the bed by pushing your head down, and ram a finger in your pussy hard and start finger fucking you. You grunt with each push into you and move your ass back when I withdraw it. I continue doing this for a few minutes, then pull it out just as quickly. You moan and push your ass back....but I smack it instead! My handprint remains as evidence of the smack on your right ass cheek! I tell you to stay put and not move, and I pick up the gag and place it in your mouth, tighening it around the back of your head. I tell you lay on the bed, on your back, with your arms and legs spread wide. I place the wrist and ankle cuffs on you, then place the blindfold on you, depriving you of sight and the ability to speak...........


As you placed the ankle and wrists cuffs on me, my body had already begun trembling.. I've hungered so desperately for you that it took one touch and the trembling began. As you placed the blindfold on me....everything went black. I instantly listened to you moving about the room. I could hear you and I wondered what you would decide to use on me first. I could hear you come towards me, but I jumped a little when your hands first caressed my nipples. You pinched one hard and I let out a moan. You placed the nipple clamp on it and tightened, just how you like it to be. You repeated the same for my other nipple. You squeezed my boobs and I let out more moans.. You remove your hands and walk to retrieve something from the items you had laid out. I laid there in my dark listening to you breath and wondering what would be your next weapon of choice.. I know my pussy was already dripping wet. I could feel the cool air from it dripping down my leg. It seemed like forever before I could feel you press your face close to mine. I could feel your breath on me and it sent chills down my body. You kissed my face and then you moved to my ear.......and whispered.....(to be continued)


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