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Sam has been on the job for 10years. He loves being a cop! Helping people, possibly getting to kill the bad guys like he did playing as a little boy. Of course, all the good outweighs the bad tenfold!

He's single at the moment. The woman, he was seeing, Cara was a teacher, he thought she had good moral character, until she was caught fucking a student! His mother came to pick him up from a tutoring session and caught them! Sam was the first officer to arrive. He couldn't believe it! Making sure everything was done by the book, Sam had his partner, Erin take over. Kyle Joplin is 18, so it's not statutory rape, it's just wrong, it cost Cara her job. She moved overseas to teach English halfway around the world.

It'd been a month since Cara left. Erin knew Sam was ready for someone new in his life and bed. Erin has had the hots for Sam since she became his partner a year and a half ago. She kept her feelings hidden until one night out. Having too much to drink, she kissed him when he took her home. He wasn't expecting it, but Erin is a very good kisser! If she wasn't drunk, he'd have done more than kissed her! He stayed the night, took care of her, put a trash can near her bed in case she got sick, Tylenol, water on her nightstand for when she woke up. He also checked in her throughout the night to make sure she was alright. Sam has always been attracted to Erin, but he's seen partners hook up, things end badly. He cares about Erin too much for that to happen.

Erin woke up with a killer hangover! She took two Tylenol, drank the water, headed to the kitchen where Sam was making breakfast. He'd gone to the store, farmers market at 7am. He's always been an early riser. Picking up her favorites, strawberries, watermelon, cantaloupe, peaches. He made them eggs, bacon, pancakes, sausage patties, fresh squeezed orange juice, her favorite coffee! Today was the day he'd make his move!


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