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Past the boundaries

I've always been a shy soft kinda girl. You know the kind that blushes around someone she likes. Soft spoken. So one would assume that I was a vanilla little thing but as I sit here and my mind wonders. Let me , let you take a peak.

Desires of a fairy rabbit.

I with my blushing cheeks. My pink lips. O so baby soft skin. Desire so much

● touch me sensually. As if you hungered to indulge in its silky golden warmth. Pull me close roughly . As if you couldn't get closer. I ask for nothing more then absolute abandonment. Do not think as you bite into my tender skin. Let your body go into your most primal state. Take what you need as what you need is exactly what I offer. As we tumble dangerously close to the edge. Connecting in spirit. Yours hot, wild , lapping at me with urgency. Mind calm , steady, cool. Ready to state your heat. Leave marks on my skin. Finger prints on my arms . Grip marks on my ass.

knock knock shit. Yanked out of my own world I look up at the clock. I had forgotten my best friend was coming over today. Quickly I close my laptop, hiding my erotica. That was a side of me no one knew. Lol and I didn't plan on letting anyone see. knock knock - hey princess! Are you going to let me in- straightening my clothes up , wishing I had time to wipe the wet pool that had started in my panties while writing. I'm coming , hold on walking over to open the door. -finally- pushing past me , only to turn around to hand me a box. -here you go. I got us some cake- grinning now I give him a once over. He was a handsome man. At 28 years old. He stood a good 5'10. Lean muscular body. Killer cat like smile . Then blessed with golden skin and green eyes due to his mixed Egyptian and afghani background. Today he was wearing a black button up shirt with a red vest over black jeans. Though as handsome as he was . I was beautiful. I unlike most Indian women went more on my islander roots. As I'm Fijian as well. At 4'11 I packed an adorable punch. Long black hair , big Brown eyes that were framed with long black lashes. Soft plump lips. A baby face. Rosy cheeks with a curvy body to go. Though I unlike Sammy was chubby and very soft. Today I was wearing a cute soft pink button up dress with matching thigh highs and underwear. -helllo!- startled I look up. what -you're day dreaming again. I was asking what were you doing , that you took so long to open the door? Blushing nothing I had been taking a nap -uh-huh - . Looking at the clock I turn to Sammy hey do you mind if I take a quick shower. Before we pop the movie on? -sure. Do you mind if I use your computer in a bit- no go right ahead stripping I head into the shower. I had to cum before I exploded. Lol I worked myself up. But what can you do the thought's in my head . Mm

in the living room

Alright I'm going to let one out before she gets out the shower. I always felt a little weird stroking myself at her place since she was so cute and we'll little haha. But I guess it added to the allure. Opening up her laptop I enter her password. It's been the same since middle school. She really needs to change that. Hmm what's this? Desires of a fairy rabbit . Interesting! I didn't know she wrote erotica.'s probably some softcore things. Going to click out my curiosity gets to me. touch me sensually...

in the bathroom

Drying my body off I think of what I want to smell like. Choosing to smell like roses . I put on my favorite pair of lacy black bra and panties set. I loved this one because it had cute pink bows on them. Then sliding into a loose pair of black sweat , that hung off my hips . Showing the lace of my panties. Then a cute pink tank top. Stepping into the living room looking over to find Sammy sitting on the sofa with snacks. -ready?- yeah sitting next to him. When all of a sudden I get pulled against a chest. What? Looking up at sammy -what I want to cuddle- I giggle okay! We are watching the lion King for the 100th time. Snuggled up snacking I feel a hand stroking my hair. Seeing as my hair was soft and plush I was used to it being touched. But then his hand wrapped around the back of my neck. Squeezing slightly. Then rubbing. Through my eyelashes I look up at him. Making sure not to draw attention to myself. Hmm he seemed to be watching the movie. Maybe it was unconscious? I go back to watching the movie. A little later I feel his hands gracing my back. Touching the lace of my bra. Then my shoulder. Softly but with gentle pressure. Trailing to the soft tops of my chest. Playing with the lacy bows. Is he must be watching the movie. No way he's touching me on purpose. Feeling turned on yet confused I take another peak up at his. shock I my eyes meet his two green eyes now dark with hunger. sammy I whisper. -I accidentally read your story. .the I purposely read the others.- now pulling me on his lap . He trailed his hands against the soft skin of my inner thighs. -so soft- now in a growling voice. He whispers -tell me if you want me to stop- cupping my large breast. Rolling my nipper through my cloths. Rush of wetness hits my panties. mmm I can't help it as I feel him grow under my thin sweats rubbing my panties deeper into my wetness. All of a sudden my pants are shoved down my hips leaving me in lacy black panties. uhh -shh- cupping my heat. -someone's wet- blushing I slip off his lap . Angling my body to face him. Blushing harder at the site of my best friend looking hot and ready to take me. Idk sammy you're my best friend as I say this he leans down to bite my shoulder. Stopping all talk. Slowly biting harder. Laying me down on the sofa. His hands stroking my wet heat outside of my panties. ooh -shh just feel biting and kissing down my body. Liking me at times. Pressing his fingers into my skin. Then ooo his fingers stroked my naked heat. In an instant I felt wetness running down my cheeks. -so wet, so hot- almost as if he couldn't control it he took his clothes off. Ripping my panties away , only to bury his face and lick lovingly. mmm,ooo my mind filled with good feelings. My body shaking at the intense pleasure. Sammy please * the words barely left my lips before he was filling me. Rough. So rough. Marking me. Pounding me. O god . Taking me . So rough so good. More . I need more. Please . As if he knew he flips me over pulling my ass towards him. Slowly sliding into until the I was full. I wiggle my butt. Only to met with a hard smack over and over. -did I say move- fuck almost in an instant I cum. Blushing as he starts to laugh. -like that huh- starting stroke faster . Pushing rougher. Grabbing a fistful of hair slamming into me. Then we go over the edge. Feeling him filling my tummy up sends me into another orgasm. Gripping him. Milking him.

Spent I slump down. Thinking he was going to move out of me but he flips over laying me on his chest.....and then knock knock knock my eyes flying open I start to giggle. A dream..going to the door I open it to find Sammy...

Wearing a black button up , red vest and black jeans . Holding a lion King dvd. -hey you. Ready for movie night-

GigglING I whisper yes


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