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Perfect Match

Brooke and Jeremy have been dating for a little over a year. He's her perfect partner in life! Jeremy is a fireman, Brooke is a nurse. They met when she was an EMT. She thought he was brash, a cowboy! He loved her on site! Jeremy saw how dedicated, smart, gentle she was. A few weeks after that first rescue call, Brooke began to see a softer side of Jeremy. He helped a family who lost everything in a fire find a place to stay, get clothes, things they needed. Jeremy also temporarily took in their dog, Max bc the shelter doesn't allow pets.

Jeremy picked up flowers on his way to Brooke's house, her favorite, yellow daisies. They went to dinner, a restaurant right on the river, Sadie's Grill. They talked, laughed until Sadie's closed. After that, they went to let Max out. Brooke suggested they go get icecream. She's always up for a sweet treat! Mint chocolate chip or peanut butter chocolate swirl are her favorites, Jeremy likes everything. It was a beautiful fall night! The moon, stars were out, shining brightly. Brooke was hoping Jeremy would've kissed her by now, but he's being a gentleman.

To be continued


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