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Perfect Match continued.

Jeremy wanted to hold her hand, kiss, make passionate love to Brooke, but he resisted his urges, he's tired of meaningless sex, he wants something real, he wants forever. Walking along the river, Jeremy held her hand. He want to let her go! When he looked at his watch he did a double take! Ohmygoodness! Is it really 2am?!? Jeremy drove Brooke home, the song that was playing on the radio was, Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not? Jeremy touched Brooke's cheek, her chin, kissed her lips ever so softly, leaving them both wanting more. He walked Brooke to her door, kissed her hand, walked back to his truck, waited til she was safe inside before he left. Brooke went upstairs, called her best friend, Tiffany and told her she just went on her last first date!

The next day, Tiffany and Brooke went to lunch, talked about Jeremy. Tiffany asked if she'd fix her up w one of Jeremy's firefighter buddies? She's been in a dry spell and fucking a fireman will quench her thirst! Tiffany said that, not Brooke! Tiffany has always been blunt. She knows when to turn it off though. Brooke said give her a few days, she'd have a BBQ at her house, invite Jeremy, his firehouse, Tiffany, more of her friends. When Jeremy called an hour later to ask her out again, she told him about the party. He put the guys on speaker, they all said yes, thanked her for inviting them. Jeremy asked her to go to movie night in the park that night, of course, Brooke said yes.

Brooke was a little late leaving work, Jeremy offered to pick her up at the hospital, she agreed. He went to look for Brooke, he found her in a little girls room, comforting the crying child. She'd ran into the street to save her new puppy from being hit by a car. The car hit her, breaking her left leg, killing the puppy. Brooke was telling the girl about the rainbow bridge, that's how animals go to Heaven. She told her Brownie is there frolicking w the other dogs. After her pain meds took affect, they left. The movie was an old black and white cowboy movie. Jeremy held Brooke's hand kissed her softly, slowly like last time. They both had to be up early the next day, so he took her home at 9:30p.

TGIF!!! Jeremy had a big surprise for Brooke! Last night, before they left for the movie, Jeremy called his best friend, Sean and asked if he could cash in a favor? Of course! Whatever you need he said! Jeremy called Brooke, asked her to bring the little girl to the courtyard. Rachel is about to pick out a new puppy! Sean is the manager of the local no kill shelter. They'd put down a bunch of towels, in case the pups did their business. When Brooke and Rachel saw all the puppies, they got tears eyed! Jeremy contacted Rachel's parents, getting the green light for this surprise. They were so touched by his kindness, they told him they'd adopt TWO puppies! Rachel's older brother, Aiden will be so happy to have his own dog to have adventures with! Rachel chose a brown and white shitzu, Aiden wanted the German Shepard. Cupcake, Zeus were their names. Brooke surprised everyone, including herself when she adopted a puppy too! She loved them all, but she decided on Cupcake's sister, a black and white shitzu she named, Daisy.

After they left w Daisy, got her settled, Jeremy and Brooke snuggled on her couch. Brooke was so happy! She loves her work, her home, new dog and Jeremy! Brooke couldn't wait any longer, she kissed Jeremy til they were both breathless! He picked her up, fireman style of course, took her to bed! Undressing eachother, they ached to be one! Jeremy caressed her breasts, sucked on her nipples, squeezed her ass, rubbed her pussy, sucked her juices from his fingers, put them back in her pussy! Brooke reviled Jeremy's touch! So, tender, yet very passionate! He lowered himself on her body, he needed to taste her nectar from its source! Spreading her legs, Jeremy devoured her pussy! She thrashed on her bed! Cumming in his mouth! Jeremy's cock was rock hard, leaking precum. Brooke wanted to suck his cock dry, but he's too big, she gagged. Jeremy put on a condom, gently pushed his dick in Brooke's velvety folds! Waiting to let her get used to his size, he kissed his lover tenderly, starting to make love to her. Brooke told Jeremy she loves him, he said he loves her too, they came together, collapsed, fell asleep for a few hours.

They were both off Saturday, they needed to get ready for the party. Brooke bought the food, its BYOB though. Jeremy lit the citronella candles, put bug spray out, manned the grill, Brooke put out the salads, fruit, soda, vacuumed the pool. Everyone had a blast! They played horseshoes, beanbag toss, darts, Marco Polo. Tiffany beat Sean's ass in darts! He said he let her win...yeah right! After everyone went home, Brooke took off her black bikini and dove into the water! She turned on the heater, it was a toasty 85 degrees! Jeremy dove in, swam to Brooke, kissing her passionately! She grabbed his cock, pushed it deep inside her honey hole! Brooke raked her fingernails over Jeremy's muscular shoulders, marking her man! She's never done that before, but she wanted the world to know Jeremy Bonam is HERS!!! Jeremy isn't into pain sexually, but there was something primal about Brooke marking her territory! Jeremy shot rope after rope of his hot cum deep in her womb! Jeremy knew how to make Brooke cum better than any other lover she's ever had! She's only been w five other men total. She's also drunkenly kissed a few women, but that's as far as it's gone. Jeremy spent the night, he loves her home. Jeremy's apartment isn't much to write home about. He's been saving to buy a house on the lake. He wants land to go camping on too.

Fast forward to a year after Brooke and Jeremy's first date, at almost 3am Brooke woke up to Daisy barking like Crazy! Jeremy was at the firehouse. She saw the flames, smoke! Brooke grabbed Daisy, threw her pillows, bedclothes out the window, prayed Daisy wouldn't be hurt too badly, threw her onto the pillows, once she was out of the way, Brooke jumped out the window too! The paperboy called 911, Jeremy would be there soon! She heard the ambulance, fire truck coming! Brooke used the paperboys phone to call Jeremy telling him she's safe. He cried, relieved she's alright! They put the fire out, the house was totally gone! Thankfully, a week before she'd paid her homeowners insurance!

Jeremy gave Max back to his family, Brooke and Daisy came to live w him until the insurance money came in. Jeremy asked Brooke if she'd like to move to the outside of town w him? He found a prime piece of property for sale! With their money combined, they could buy it and build their dream home! After seeing it, Brooke of course said yes! The lake is huge, the forest is beautiful! It's a perfect spot to raise a family! The family accepted their offer and within two months they broke ground on their house! Brooke's cousin, Chelsea is an architect, she drew up the plans for them. Brooke wanted a Ranch style home, she knows the dangers of stairs for kids, elderly ppl. Also, basements are always cold no matter what you do to it. Jeremy wants four bedrooms, 2.5-3 bathrooms, an open floor plan, Brooke's must haves are a huge kitchen/dining area. Outside Jeremy wants to fix the existing dock, boatlift, brooke wants space for a garden and a greenhouse. It was beautiful when it was finished!

Jeremy wanted to propose to brooke that night! Oh! It'll be perfect he told Daisy! They invited their families and friends for a housewarming party. A month ago, Jeremy asked Brooke's dad, David permission to marry his daughter, of course he said yes! The men hugged, Jeremy showed his soon to be father in law the engagement ring he had made for Brooke. He knows bc she's a nurse, she'll have to take it off a lot bc otherwise the prongs will rip the gloves. So, Jeremy went to a jeweler and designed a curved, Art Deco inspired ring that has no sharp edges! He never wants her to take it off! When Jeremy was thanking everyone for all their help, coming to celebrate w them, he thanked Brooke last, got on one knee, asked her to marry him! Brooke cried tears of sheer joy! Said, yes, of course! Cried more when he slid the ring on her left finger, kissing her sweetly!

When all their guests were gone, brooke took Jeremy to bed, fucked him like he hadn't been fucked before! She spit on his cock, rubbed it all over! Taking it in her hot mouth, sucking on it hard! Slightly squeezing his heavy ball sac! Brooke kissed Jeremy hard on the mouth, told him to sit back, enjoy the ride! Oh God! He did! He fucking loves the way she unleashes the wildcat on him!!! Playing w her tits, brooke was close to cumming, Jeremy knows w his cock inside her, nipple stimulation always brings brooke to orgasm! No barrier between them, they'd discussed having kids, thinking they had a while before the birth control wasn't in her system anymore they made love without condoms, brooke being a nurse, knowing her own body, she didn't think she'd get pregnant right away...WRONG!!!

A bad car accident made the ER a chaotic place! Brooke hadn't eaten, drank in hours, she passed out, when she came to, Jeremy was holding her hand, he told her, We're pregnant! Wow! They cried, prayed the baby would be healthy!

Jeremy took a week off from work, baby proofed the whole house, threw out all the junk food, bought more when brooke craved it. He was so turned on seeing, feeling her pregnant belly! She was glowing! Brooke couldn't get enough of Jeremy either! One night when tiffany and Sean came over for dinner brooke went to help Jeremy w something and tiffany walked in on her sucking his cock while Jeremy fingered Brooke's pussy! Tiff text her, if you want me or Sean we'll be fucking down the hall in the guest room!!! I'm Cock hungry too!

Sean hasn't made love to a white woman before! He's not sure she can take his nine inch dick! Tiffany isn't a hoe, but she went black back in college!!! She's ready for Sean! Taking it nice and slow, he fucked her pink hole harder and faster, dumping his cum inside her pussy! When they were done, they showered, took off the sheets, tiff put them in the washer. She sent brooke another text, satisfied, ttyl! On their way out, Sean and tiffany saw Jeremy fucking brooke from behind, brooke cumming hard, begging for more!

When their son, Daniel was almost two when Jeremy and brooke got married. Brooke's sister, bro in law watched Daniel so they could go on a honeymoon. Fiji was magnificent! That's where Brooke conceived their daughter, Ava. They made love in a secluded cove only the locals know about. It is believed that women become more fertile if they make love under the waterfall. A month later brooke took a test, it was positive! They waited a while, then made a Facebook video telling ppl they're expecting baby number two, of course they called their parents, siblings first. Ava Lynn Bonam fit perfect into their family! Daniel Joseph is a great big brother!

On their anniversary, Jeremy took Brooke back to Sadie's Grill for dinner. That night they made love, making baby number three! They were so happy! A few times a week they'd pay a sitter to take the kids to the park, they were loud when they fucked! Always louder when brooke is pregnant! Hormones raging, around the 6th month brooke wakes up, around two pm, she needs fucked again, once more before bed! After brooke had their third child, another boy, Patrick Michael she had her tubes tied. Their family was complete!

The End


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