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I walked into your bedroom and found you undressing. You looked at me when I entered, and you held my eye contact, and your silk panties fell to the floor. I was captivated by your movements, and my heart started beating faster.

Your expression was unchanging, as was your gaze, and you sat down on the edge of the bed. You were wearing only a lace bra. I mused aloud about how it was unusual for you to wear an unmatching set of silk and lace. You didn't say a word. You snarled over to me in your stare and parted your legs. I fell silent, transfixed.

I walked to you, and you were magnetic You never took your eyes off me. I felt hypnotized in your glow, and I dropped to my knees between your legs. I tried to keep myself from squirming too near to you. I bit my lip and sat on my hands to keep myself from touching you.

My breath was already shaking, and you opened your legs wider. I squealed viscerally. My mouth fell open, and I looked up at you so desperately. I wanted to ask you so much, but I could barely whisper a single word.


You responded with one syllable.



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