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Piss Doctor

My sarcastic writer's wit, addiction to the gym and ability to make myself at home in any crowd made me a desirable male commodity throughout my twenties. This qualities along with a soaring professional career made me very date-able. The bouncy, college and post grad women I met at the local bars, they would put out and some would get crazy in bed, sure. But their M O was dating, marriage and 'normal' sex. What put me into the categories of 'also superfuckable and a fun superfreak inside' was my imagination for the erotic and my 9 inch cock. In was a week after my 25th birthday, when my filthiest fantasy was to come true and I would finally let the beast all the way out. I don't mean to brag either but like Muhammad Ali said 'It 'aint braggin' if you can back it up!'

I had been seeing Ashley, this really hot little goth-emo chick from the bar on and off for all winter. She had a button nose and big, almond brown eyes and little ears. She had this impish, naughty little smile that showed her little teethe when she did and pert b cup tits with a tight little ass. She was petite but still curves enough. She smelled amazing too, all the time. Like pink bubble gum and hairspray. '

Ashley was a few years younger than me, maybe 21 and was not the college type. But she was very smart. She read a lot but mostly did serving gigs around town and also played in this want-to-be edgy punk band called 'Scarlett's Garter.' The band was not bad, Ashley played a serviceable bass and sang back up to this big-titted blonde whose stage name was 'Missy Kneesocks'. She was 24 but dressed up all sexy in short plaid skirts and pig tails, do the whole sexy schoolgirl thing. Missy had big pouty red lips and giant blue eyes with long legs and a really nice, beautifully shaped and perfectly plump ass. She was terrible on the guitar but made up for with her emotive voice and sexy ass shaking. She even used turn her back to the crowd, bend over and pull her skirt up to her waste to show off her little thong panties. She also would suck on a lollipop during the big drum solos but raven haired Sultry McShadows who was like a hotter and nerdier version of Mortisha Addams from the old 'The Adams Family' tv show. I wanted so much to fuck all of them and thanks to my girlfriend, I had.

Ashley and I got bored that winter and had basically come to terms with the truth that we loved debating bands, drinking beer, smoking weed and watching old movies together but that we did we would never really love each other, we decided to just have extreme fun. That meant an open relationship and helping each other define, develop and actualize our deepest, filthies fantasies. Ashley wanted to be dominated and I obliged. We tried light bondage at first, blindfolds and handcuffs and she loved being taken over my knee and spanked, hard. Whap! She also loved when I would slap her in the face with my fat, hard 9 inches of cock and face fuck her until she was gasping. Ashley had always been a freak but she really cultivated it with me over those several cold months and there was nothing I loved better than getting all hot and uninhibited after a few beers and then taking her home and fucking her as if we were strangers again-just manhandling her like she detailed she wanted in her fantasies in sheer animalistic lust. More than once, as soon as she got off stage, I would be waiting with a few of her favorite tequila shots and we would start making out right there by between the pool table and stage. Fifteen minutes later, we would be back at her place and I would wordlessly get behind her as she fumbled with the door key, groping her little breasts and pinching her little nipples through her pink t-shirt and bra, biting the back of her neck. It drove her wild. Then I would pull her in side, shut door and lock it and just take her. One night, she told me to be extra rough so without any lead in, I just bent her over her couch and pulled her skirt up and her panties down around her knees and bent her over the kitchen table. I pulled her hair and made her turn her head a little and told her to open her mouth so I could spit in it. Then I yelled 'Do you like that you little fucking slut, Ashley?' She was melting and could only say 'mm-hmmm.' I spend 15 minutes fucking her doggy style at that kitchen table and she must have cum 3 times, she was gushing wet and her pussy was contracting around my cock but she wanted more and more. Finally, I told her she is a fucking slut bitch who needs to be taught not to be greedy and when enough is enough.

'You like sex so much Ashely?'
'Oh yes, Andy.'
'Andy? Who the fuck are you to call me Andy? You know you are supposed to call me sir.'
Then I really surprised her. I had been slam-fucking her pussy the whole time, so hard that I was lifting her up off the ground during a few of the more powerful thrusts I gave her. My balls were slapping against her and I suddenly pulled out and was like 'Well, now Ashley is going to see if she still wants more after we play the ass fuck lesson. She was not lubed up but my cock was glistening from her pussy juices and I told her to lean forward and lay on the table, her ass up. She did and I told her 'Spread your little asshole. You think I should have to do that work for you?'
'Yes, sir!'
I started slapping her ass and pulling her hair and she was going crazy for it. Then I turned ape and ripped her panties right off of her legs, they came apart in shreds. She squealed as I finally shoved my wet cock into her asshole. I started slowly, just to let her ass widen to my fat head and it felt so tight, it was all I could not do to cum in five seconds. It is a trick of the mind to last with a hot little pink haired slutl like Ashely, a challenge. That night I wanted to feel my cock riding her ass for as long as possible without cumming, a delicate sex dance. For maybe 10 minutes I pounded her ass, building up power in my push again until I was really slamming her good. Every time I yelled at her and said 'This is for your own good, slut!' I swear, she would cum again because she start moaning with her eyes rolling way back and her legs drenched with her own sweet wetness.

FInally, I couldn't take it anymore and had to cum. I pulled her by her long hair and swung her around in front of me and told her to kneel for her present. 'I want my present' Ashley said seductively, opening her mouth wide with the hint of that sexy, naughty sneer.

Shooting a huge, thick, creamy load of cum on her face was a pleasure. She got a big gob on her eyelash, it dripped down onto her cheek and she said 'I can't see.'

'I did not give you fucking permission to speak, did I?'

'No sir.'

'Fantasy time is not over until I tell you. Now, you made this fucking mess, you clean it up!'

Coaxing a big, sticky spatter of my cum off of her cheek with my forefinger. I scooped it up and said 'Open your mouth, slut.' She obeyed and I dropped every bit down her throat. 'Mmmm' she said looking up at me. 'I want more.'

'You will get more. I will teach you a lot of lessons this weekend.'

Ashley smiled again, her creamed face so sexy and and wondering. 'Next time, you may even get to learn the golden lesson. I think a slut like you should learn to gargle my piss.'

'Is it a punishment or a reward if you pee in my mouth?'

'Maybe it is both, you little slut. But I have a feeling you will like it enough that you will call it a reward.'

'I think so too. Mmmmm' cooed Ashely.

We both laughed and lay down until the next round and next.

Being called sir and rough anal was fun but none of it compared to the following weekend and my first and only 4-some. It was made more intense by the fact that it took place right inside a local doctor's office. Much more in-depth role play happened that time and I finally got to fuck Ashely and her bandmates all at once. I played a good doctor, too . I called myself Dr. Piss, in fact. I fit the part and it was extra satisfying to surprise all of them with a mouth full of my hot, yellow piss too.

But that is a story fro another day.


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