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Please Daddy, can we keep her?

I sat on the edge of the bed, collared and naked except for some crotchless knickers. As instructed I sit there with my eyes firmly shut awaiting my Daddy’s return. The room is warm but a shiver runs through me in anticipation and excitement. He has a surprise me for me.
“Open your eyes baby girl” he commands. “I’m back with your surprise”.
I open my eyes slowly and find that at my feet sits a girl, she’s on her knees. Pale and shivering her big eyes look up at me, she’s nervous too. She’s wearing nothing at all and I can see a slight blush wash over her as I examine her body. She seems taller than me and perhaps a breast size bigger. She has wonderful curves and I lick my lips.
“I brought you someone to play with he says, don’t you want to play?” I nod eagerly wondering exactly what has in mind.
He takes a seat in the corner and begins to stroke his large erection. He nods his head gesturing for me to go ahead, I am in control.
I cuff both of her hands in front of her and eagerly lick her nipples- they harden at my touch, I clamp them quickly and she exhales, slightly recoiling at the pain. I order her on to her hands and knees, I want her to present herself too me. I run my hand along her wetness and up to her arse hole, I can tell she’s enjoying this. I gently press a small plug inside her arse, she yelps slightly at the shock but moans needily, she wants more- all of her holes filled.
“Don’t be so greedy” I yell in my bossiest tone. I look over to Daddy, he smiles at me, clearly enjoying the show.
I grab the paddle and set to work on the girls pale bottom. It quickly reddens as I strike her over and over. She takes the beating well and although tears start to well in her eyes I can see she’s enjoying her punishment.
“Stop now” he commands from the corner of the room and approaches us. Swiftly he rolls the girl on to her back and stands over her, one leg either side of her naked body. He orders me to my knees between her spread legs. Her glistening wetness is on full display and I’m desperate to lick her but that’s not what Daddy has planned.
Grabbing each of my plaits he pulls me forward, obligingly I open my mouth wide, eager to take his full length. He holds me still as he fucks my throat, releasing briefly so I can catch my breath, I lick and suck him greedily and I feel him start to swell.
The girl beneath us wriggles, she’s needy and desperate. She’s been Watching the show and she’s longing to be touched.
He withdraws from my mouth and I finally catch my breath, tears run down my face. He leans down to he girl and whispers “you desperate little slut, do you want to play too?”
“Yes please” she pants
“Yes please what?”
“Yes please Sir” she’s wriggling all over, silently begging for one of us to touch her but she won’t get her way yet. Daddy likes to tease. He’s standing over her head now- she has a perfect view of his hard dick and pre cum drips on to her forehead, this makes her wriggle more eagerly.
He beckons me towards him until my soaking wet fanny is directly above her mouth. I’m on my knees, a leg either side of her head and I can feel the warmth of her breath on my wetness. His hands on my shoulders force me down on to her face, I’m smothering her but eagerly she’s lapping me up and it feels amazing. My mouth opens obediently and I take him deep, sucking, licking, I am desperate to please him.
I’m starting to get close, and so is he. He withdrawals not wanting the fun to be over and pulls me to my feet. The girl, still laying under us catches her breath, my juices are all over her face and she’s very flushed.
Daddy pulls out a second pair of cuffs and binds my hands in front of me. He removes me knickers, orders me on all fours and plugs my arse quickly.
He takes the girl and places her next to me, we are side by side, both bound, plugged and wet. We look to each other and smile. Without warning he comes at us with the flogger, beating both our bare arses in unison, we cry out together too and she interlocks her fingers with mine- both cuffed we are unable to hold hands.
“Now I have two little sluts to play with” he says “let’s see how you play together eh?”
He pulls our hair roughly so we are upright and stands in front of us. We both fight to take him in our mouths but eventually we get a rhythm, playing nicely and taking turns to service our master.
Eventually he commands us to stop. He lays the girl on her back and hands me the vibrator. Her eyes widen with glee, eager for her wetness to be penetrated.
“Get her to the edge” he says forcefully and I comply.
He watches from the chair and I run the vibrator along her wetness and push it deep within her, I withdraw and concentrate on her clit- she’s so wet and needy. I look to Daddy for permission and he nods. I lick her eagerly, biting her clit aggressively, her whole body bucks at my touch.
“Please can I come?” She yells. I can see she’s desperate.
“No” he booms and I’m pulled off her by my hair. She’s eager and so frustrated. He sits her in the chair and makes her watch as he teases my orgasm out of me. His hands and his mouth and the vibrator edge me closer and closer. He knows I need to come so places me on all fours and enters me roughly.
The girl is rubbing her clit aggressively watching the show and we are both close to climax.
“Now you can both come” and in unison we do. I feel Daddy swell inside of me and empty his load deep within. His warmth fills me and we collapse together. He lays me on the bed, dripping with his come, legs spread, my wetness glistening. He uncuffs me and let’s my arms fall at my side.
He beckons the girl over too, uncuffs her and pats her gently “you’ve been a very good girl” he tells her and she smiles.
“Now clean my baby up” she nods and quickly starts to work. Her tongue reaches deep inside of me lapping at our combined juices and it feels heavenly. She soon finishes her duty and all three of us exhausted rest on the bed together. As my Daddy cuddles me in and tells me he loves me I look up to him and then to the girl gently snoring next to him.
“Daddy?” I whisper sweetly
“Yes princess?”
“Please can we keep her?”


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