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Primal desires before showers

I get up off the floor, hugging him. "Time to shower" he says

"Mmhhmm" I mumble nuzzling into his neck

I reach my arms around his neck, and kiss him, slowly and gently at first. But soon it changes, the fire is there, his tongue is forcing my mouth open and dancing with mine. The electricity coursing through both of us, the primal urgency static in the room. He wraps his fingers through my hair and forces me to my knees, head down into the couch. He runs his fingers over my body, delicately, excercising his complete control. I can feel the sweat forming on my body, anticipating what he may do next.

I try to lift my head up, to breathe, get the hair out of my face

And it's shoved back down into the couch forcefully

"Don't move" says the dark growl in my ear

'Smack' he hits my cheeks hard with an open palm, 'smack, smack, smack'

I'm crying out with the impact

While my juice is running down my thighs

He hands me a toy

"Use this, fuck your pussy and don't fucking stop until I say so"

I push the toy, with no resistance into my aching pussy, moaning at the pleasure

'Smack, smack, smack' the assault on my ass continues. I let go of the toy, becoming lost to him, and he grabs it and pushes it back inside. Another, harder smack is delivered and a growl of "I told you not to stop"

I hold it in for awhile longer, but again become lost. It slides out to the floor. And then it's replaced by his cock. He slides just the head into me, then slams his full length in, digging his fingers into my hips, he pulls back and repeats, I'm moaning in a sweet mix of pleasure and pain as he slams into my pussy, the skin on my ass still tender as he hits it with his body over and over.

"Do you like me taking you for my pleasure?"

"Yes Daddy"

"Cause I love using you, you are mine"

"Yes Daddy, I am yours, all of me belongs to you"

"You are mine"

He is growling and moaning in pleasure with each thrust, speeding them up as he gets closer, his body slams into me hard and he still as his hot cum floods my pussy, he thrusts again, filling me up, until his cum is dripping down my leg mixed with mine.


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