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Pursuit, Takedown, and Capture

I was backpacking alone in a foreign country with limited contact to my friends and family, and it wasn't long before I ran out of money. I turned to what I know best, selling a few hand-jobs for quick cash. Like any dumb, ill-informed tourist, I chose to loiter after dark in the bad part of town. I looked so innocent and out of place and was quickly spotted by a female police officer rolling past in her cruiser.

I actually felt relieved when she cuffed my hands behind my back and directed me into the backseat. I had been feeling unsafe in that part of town, and being in custody with a uniformed officer felt like a blessing in disguise. Then my panic about a criminal charge in a foreign country began to hit. I asked the officer what was going to happen next, I wanted to know where she was taking me and what was the protocol. She could hear the exasperation in my voice, and she shot me a sadistic stare from the rearview mirror. We drove past the police station. My feelings of safety vanished. I was not with a protective officer, and I had a gnawing sense that she had wicked intentions.

She pulled over by an empty field, surrounded by woods. My panic was obvious, and my breathing quickened. She pulled me out of the backseat by my hair, unlocked my cuffs, and told me I had a ten second head start. I looked up at her straight face for a second or two, and I could tell that she was not playing. I bolted for the woods in a full sprint.

I was terrified and panting and the officer's footsteps were close behind. She had an advantage with her flashlight, and I couldn't run anymore. All I could think to do was crouch behind a thick tree trunk and bury my head in my hands to try to muffle my whimpering. When I looked up, she was standing in front of me. She was laughing as she swung her nightstick and dangled her handcuffs. I was nearly in tears, and I asked what she was going to do with her nightstick. Her only response was that, in Great Britain, it's called an asp.

She grabbed me by the hair and slammed me face down into the dirt. I was already crying and desperate enough to do anything. This cop was fit, physically commanding, and my whole fate was in her hands. I squealed in pain when she put her knee in the small of my back. I was crying into the dirt, and her sparse words were terrifying. She cuffed my hands again, and told me that I was a dumb little cunt. In her chilling tone she told me that she knew exactly what I wanted. I couldn't help but gasp from her words, and my hips began to grind involuntarily. When she felt me squirming, she pulled my pants down to my ankles.

She removed her knee and mounted me, and my hips were grinding into her. She reached between my legs. She felt me throbbing and found that my panties were soaked all the way through. I cried and begged for her to stop, but she started rubbing over my soaked panties with her asp. I begged her to stop in between whimpers. She softly reminded me that my pathetic words meant nothing, and she was giving me exactly what I deserved. Alone and terrified, she forced me to cum for her there in the dirt. I was humiliated and ashamed, crying face down with my pants at my ankles. She grabbed my arm, pulled me to my feet, pulled up my pants, and told me that it was time to go.

Aside from my occasional sniffling, we rode back to the station in silence. I didn't ask what would happen to me next because there was no point. The officer grabbed my arm and led me to a holding cell. She closed the bars, leaving me alone in my handcuffs. After some time, she returned, asp in hand, and with her she brought five fellow officers, all male. My expression was desperate when she entered my cell. The five male officers stood on the other side of the bars, each grinning gleefully, and their erections grew. The female officer grabbed me again, and she took off my handcuffs, but not for long. She grabbed my wrist and pinned it to the cell bars. She grabbed my other hand and pinned both wrists while she locked the cuffs around the bars.

I was in tears when she yanked down my pants. She felt between my legs and found that I was dripping wet. I pleaded for her to stop as I watched her fellow officers unzipping their flies. She told her male friends that she found a good one this time. She ran the cold metal asp on my bare thighs, sending chills through my body. She reached between my legs and put her fingers inside me. She decided that I was wet enough to take her asp, and I protested violently.

She grabbed a fistful of my hair and told me to stop resisting. If I tried to fight, it would only hurt more, and I could’ve land myself another charge in the hands of this sadistic officer. She rubbed my swollen clit until my body relaxed to her touch. She told me to watch the men stroking themselves to my abuse. I couldn't stop myself from moaning. I was so ashamed and humiliated that my body was succumbing to her torture. I kept protesting, but she wouldn't stop touching me in ways that my body couldn't resist. She slid her asp deep into my cunt, and my back arched as I cried out. My hips were grinding on her asp while I cried desperately for the humiliation to end. She told me that I was being such a good prisoner, and it was time for me to cum for my audience.

I couldn't fight it any longer. She forced it out of me. I displayed my violent orgasm for the lady officer and her cohort of stroking male friends. Each one of them released their load onto my tear stained face. I had never experienced such degradation and humiliation. I couldn't look any of them in the eye when she finally removed my cuffs. She told me that all charges were dropped, looked up at her horrible friends and said simply, "See? I told you I caught a good one."


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