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Racquel Darrian Takes Tokyo!

Racquel Darrian had a huge crush on former pornstar Traci Lords. One of her first pornos she ever viewed was Traci Takes Tokyo, in which a very young Tracy is flown out on location to shoot numerous scenes with some of Japan’s leading men and women.

Racquel especially loved watching sultry Traci in a Jacuzzi seduce a nerdy virgin who spoke not a word of English. She fucked his brains out then moved on, taking on geeky little guy in glasses after he catches her masturbating in a glamorous restroom.

The two have sex on the floor and Traci goes down on his ass during a 69. Seeing this as a teen, Racquel’s mind was blown – she knew she wanted to be a pornstar. Traci then ate out a Japanese girl before they dildo-fucked each other. Racquel rarely got that far since she had usually exploded in her panties before scene two was completed.

She knew if she ever got the chance she’d definitely attempt to emulate her fantasy girl’s antics in the Far East.

Fast forward a few years, Racquel has become a Penthouse Pet and has also begun a career making pornos. One day, Racquel receives an official letter from a major corporation requesting her talents in Tokyo. She had heard Japanese men were all a bunch of pervs obsessed with degrading western women, but she was sure she could keep everyone entertained and retain a level of integrity as well – regardless of what these guys had in mind!

She was informed a First Class ticket was waiting for her through Japan Airlines.

TOKYO: Racquel walked into business office on the 80th floor of the Nakatomi Building ready for whatever these men had in store for her. It was 6pm and pretty much everyone had gone home for the dat. The setting sun still shone through the large glass windows as Racquel entered from the elevator.

She was wearing a beige raincoat and heels. As she walked out through the doors she saw the group of seven waiting men in their suits smoking cigerettes; ties loosened and enjoying drinks of whiskey on the rocks. They all stopped chattering in their language Racquel couldn’t understand and rose to meet her, bowing politely.

Racquel let her raincoat fall to the ground. Hands on hips, wearing only a tiny blue thong, white heels and a red bowtie dotted with white stars – The United States of America dreamgirl personified. In short, she looked incredible.

One of them cranked a boom-box. Pour Some Sugar on me geared up as Racquel started up her little show. These nerds were gonna get their monies worth, she confidently assured herself! Guaranteed.

The men stared unashamedly at her tits, her face and her ass as she spun around in stripper moves she’d done a thousand times. She loosened her bowtie and flicked it at one of the lucky gents with a wink. Like a dildo he reached for it as it fell to the ground. Racquel rolled her eyes as she turned from them to show off her ass.

The men were all short with black hair and greasy-faces from a hard days work. Half were wearing nerd glasses, which made her laugh a little inside – such a cliche! As the song ended, they smiled in unison and approached her at once as if on cue, some giggling nervously. She stood still, hand on waist, smiling. They grabbed at her waist, her tits and her gorgeous ass as they kissed her neck, mouth and shoulders – it was soon getting downright claustrophobic.

The nerds were overwhelming her, but she had to retain a coolness to let them know she was still in charge of the moment – they had paid $10,000 each and she did not intend to disappoint them one bit.

One of the men, Niko, could speak English. He pointed to a short 3 foot wall that divided several cubicles and said something in Japanese to his men. They began to unbuckle their pants and face in the direction of the wall as if they were continuing to follow a workplace order from a superior.

Racquel, seeing this goofy comedy play out laughed just a little inside. Niko then had them each bend over as they leaned on their elbows against he wall. A few even lit up cigarettes as they waited.

He then reminded Racquel that in order to surpass Traci Lords she would have to perform as she had done years earlier. Niko dropped his pants, kicked them to the side and joined them. Racquel then noticed plastic cups of mouthwash had been placed on a small stand between each man – and she knew she was going to need it.

She got on her knees, flicking back her hair and approached Niko, grabbing his ass cheeks with both hands. She then preceded to lick his ass, making sure to tongue-lash his asshole. She eventually kissed and gently licked each ass making good use of the mouthwash. The men enjoyed it, looking back over their shoulders, exhaling cigarette smoke skyward as the most beautiful girl in the world went down on their rear-ends.

They conversed quietly, smiling, laughing as she ate out each of their hairy, stinky assholes. Most had definitely not made an effort to clean up before she arrived, apparently not concerned with common decency. She had heard Japanese businessmen liked to degrade pretty western girls because all that World War II stuff, but she didn’t much care about that at this point. She was getting paid and paid big time.

As she finished, Niko congratulated Racquel on doing such a ‘nice’ job, but insisted she start over. The men apparently enjoy serious ass-eating and Racquel just has not dug in enough with her tongue to satisfy them. The men all turned to her nodding, waiting for round 2.

She was dismayed, but took a deep breath and started over, this time closing her eyes, spreading butt cheeks with both hands and devouring each ass like it was Traci Lords pussy – splitting each asshole open and deeply inserting her tongue. That got her through it. Her knees hurt from being down on them so long, but the admiration from her men revived her. They bowed to her, grateful for such an honor.

She was told days earlier that rimming was an art form in Japan and not to be taken lightly. Clearly she had impressed them with Round 2.

After a short break Racquel returned and saw the men are all sitting naked either on couches or several surrounding chairs. They were drinking again and Niko stood with his dick erect to make Racquel a whiskey on the rocks. Still in her thong, she sat between two men who then begin sucking on her tits as the others watch.

She peered down between their masses of jet-black pubic hair and sees two erect cocks looking back at her, twitching for satisfaction. She stroked their small dicks as they kissed her neck and tits. She then French kissed them both preparing to fuck.

Niko then rises, taking center stage in front of the couch. He is holding a metal box with ornate decoration. The two men continue to suck on Racquel’s tits as Niko, dick still erect, asks Racquel if she had watched the film she was requested to view.

Racquel said yes. The film was Bunuel’s classic, Belle de Jour, starring the gorgeous Catherine Deneuve, who plays the part of a gorgeous, bored and very rich married woman who decides to go work in a whorehouse for kicks.

Racquel tells Niko she loved the film. Niko then reminds her of a mysterious scene in which a portly Japanese businessman goes to the brothel and shows the Deneuve character a silver box. She looks inside and agrees to whatever is in the box. We never find out what it is, but Niko tells Racquel he knows what the secret is.

Racquel is as intrigued as one can be with two men kissing her so passionately as she continues to play with their cocks. She is really enjoying teasing these men, but very much wants to know what comes next in her series of challenges.

She laughs, pushing the two excited men to each side as she becomes entranced at Niko’s box. The two men jack-off wildly, waiting for Racquel to service them again.

First Niko asks Racquel to agree to the task, whatever it might be. He tells her it is a Japanese custom and may seem degrading to western women.

She nods slowly and with great respect. Niko indicates to her that she is to rise. He first instructs her to enter his work station cubicle and dress in an 'appropriate' costume. She enters the small cubicle and sees a pair of panties hanging from a tiny Victoria’s Secret hanger.

They have been placed on a display rack, not unlike a department store showpiece upon a stool. A spotlight from above elegantly showcases them. Racquel slips out of her blue panties, hanging them on Niko’s radio antenna for a Monday morning surprise. She then slips on the new pair, giving herself a look in a nearby mirror.

The panties give the viewer a perfectly clear view of a woman’s pussy and ass. They have a very thin see-through, almost transparent mesh all around, except for the topline, which tapers down sexily from the hips to her midsection. More importantly, it eloquently shows off Racquel’s landing-strip pussy.

The landing-strip in question, which she has precisely set at a measured inch and a half of pussy hair, which rises up in a soft rectangle. That was the request from Niko several weeks earlier and she knew they would be impressed with the results.

Racquel also puts on a long white pair of boots with stiletto heels. She then walks out into the open area and observes the men gathered around looking at what is in the box. They see her coming and appear blown away by hot she looks. Most start playing with their dicks, not even caring.

Niko closes the box as Racquel is then instructed to sit on the couch alone. The men get their cameras out and sit across from her as she spreads her legs, giving them a perfect view of her pussy hair crushed against the inside of the panties.

She smiles, playing the seductress, holding up her tits to them. They snap pics with their Pentax cameras as their dicks twitch with every move.

Niko asks her to rise. She comes to him and he immediately opens the box.

She is aghast.

“Megloblatta Longipennis’, Niko tells her – a cockroach; the world’s largest. Niko explains it has been grown in a lab and has no germs. The massive roach is almost 4 inches (97mm) in length and almost two inches across – with wings expanded it is almost 8 inches (20cm) he tells her.

Niko reaches in and touches it to show Racquel it is very much harmless. Racquel is soon stroking its back – her hand shaking slightly. It moves very slowly, so she continues to pet it. Niko explains it is great honor to be asked to perform this ritual. Racquel is nervous, but agrees to whatever it is.



Racquel Darrian rimjob queen!


The sewer roaches down Racquel's panties is a fetish Asian men enjoy to watch. She have such strong orgasm. They fucked her pussy!


Pretty sure that's not the first cockroach Racquel Darrian has had to fuck. LOL. Highly enjoyable farce. Could use a follow-up story


I enjoyed this way more than I want to admit. The mesh panties scene left me breathless


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