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Release of the Babygirl

I can see in your eyes you want the babygirl as you tenderly tuck my hair behind my ears. I catch my breath not knowing if I can face letting her out. I can see you craving to play Daddy, but keeping it cool, not wanting me to see it until it’s too late and I’m snuggled in your arms. You warn me once I’m in your bed you will get wandering hands, I look at you shrug and smile, I knew what I was coming here for. My brat has been in full swing all night, teasing you, baiting you as we sit outside and you have your cigarette, keeping safely out of your reach.

We climb into bed and you turn the lights out. Before I have time to think your lips are on mine, tongue exploring my mouth. Your hands sliding up my shirt and exposing my nipples to the cool night air, you elicit moans from me as you gently pinch and twist them in your fingers. You push me flat on my back and move your mouth down my neck, kissing and nibbling until you take my nipple in your mouth, grazing your teeth over it. Your hand snakes up and wraps around my neck, you take a moment to look down at me as you feel my body relax, the brat melting away as the tenderness pulls the babygirl out of her shell, you squeeze gently and know you’ve won the war, the babygirl is here to stay for the night. You move your mouth back to my nipples, causing me to moan again. You come back to my mouth and move off me, pulling me on my side as you release your cock from your pants. At first you wrap my hand around your cock, holding it there with yours.

“Suck my cock” you order and without argument I oblige. Taking it in my mouth, devouring the taste, running my tongue around the top and hearing you moan what a good girl I am, which encourages me to continue the worship, taking your cock to the back of my throat. Your hand wraps through my hair, and releases, stroking it, and you continue to whisper words of sweet encouragement, completely enticing the babygirl to stay. Your hand wraps around my hips and slides into my pants, you moan as you feel how much sucking your cock excites me. “You’re soaking babygirl” you murmur as you begin rubbing my clit between your fingers. I moan on your cock, surprised by how good your fingers feel. You are getting closer and begin wanking yourself harder into my mouth, holding my head there by stroking my hair, you erupt into my mouth and I take all of it and hold it, I look up at you, and you understand “good girl, you may swallow”. I swallow your hot cum and then go to my duty of cleaning your cock. I lie down on your chest, running my fingers through your chest hair thinking it was late and we were done. But your fingers are deftly on my clit again, rubbing me and much to my surprise, taking me closer to an orgasm, it’s not long before I’m moaning and bucking against your fingers, “please may I cum?” I ask, knowing I won’t be able to hold back and begging you to say yes “yes, come for me” and with that I release, shuddering against your side as ripple after ripple flow through me. Panting I thank you for my orgasm, curling up blissfully against you, I begin drifting to sleep when something falls in the room, making me jump, but I’m safe in your arms, and you hush me, stroking my hair and kissing my head, and sending me into a deep, peaceful sleep, calm and relaxed because for the first time in months, babygirl has come out to play.


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