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Rescued 2

After a few days Derek and Lindsey caught up, got into a routine. Friday they were invited to a BBQ at the chief's house. The guys all remembered lindsey, she's very easy on the eyes! 5'8, honey blonde hair, blue eyes, sweet smile, tan, toned body, 38D tits, long legs, sexy ass too! Basically, the total package.

Lindsey brought a cake to the party, everyone loved it! They had every meat available on the grill or in the smoker. All the guys wanted to flirt, but they knew to keep it clean, Derek still loves her. Luke loves playing w the other kids, he fits right in! After they ate, it was time to swim! Derek threw Luke in, up in the air, yes, he had floated on. Lindsey wasn't surprised at how good derek is w him, he's always loved kids. It is getting harder to fight her feelings for Derek. When she sees Derek holding Luke in the pool, talking to him, kissing his boo-boo, she knows he's the one, that he's always been the one for her!!!

The chief's wife, Kim walked over to lindsey and asked if Luke could spend the night w all the kids? Their teenage grandkids would look after them, sleep in the basement w them. She said, yes if he wants to. Of course he did! So, a little bit later they said goodbye to him, headed for home.

Lindsey heard Derek in the shower, stripped, said to herself, its now or never!


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