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Derek Johnson has been a fireman for five years. He loves helping people, it really effects him when there are fatalities, especially children. Derek is a mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters. He's been matched w David Masters for three years now. Derek has been on vacation all week. His boss, Jack told him he couldn't come back to work til next Monday. So, he and David organized a Big Bro Big Sis campout. They had over 20 kids! Canoeing, fishing, ghost stories, hot dogs, s'mores!

When they were on the way home they saw flames, smoke! Derek called 911, went to see if he could help. A girl about 14 flagged him down! She screamed, HELP! Luke is still inside! He got his gear on, told them to get across the street and call 911, tell them derek Johnson went into the house to get Luke out! He found him in his room, coughing from the smoke, but alive! Derek carried him across the street, waited for the Calvary to arrive. The EMT's gave Luke oxygen, took him to the hospital, before the girl got into the ambulance she hugged derek tightly, said thank you so much! Will you plz come to the hospital and talk to Luke's mom, I'm the babysitter, Molly. I want you to tell her I'm sorry and I tried to get Luke out but there's so much smoke I couldn't. Derek agreed to go. He'd already planned on going, he always takes an interest in the kids he's rescued. He couldn't put his finger on why, but his need to be there was especially great.

About 15 mins later, he understood why. The woman Molly wanted him to talk to was, Lindsey Freeman, his first love. When derek walked up, lindsey threw her arms around him, squeezed him tightly, cried, told him thank you over and over! After a few mins of hugging lindsey sat down, told Derek that Luke is her sisters son. Lindsey has custody of him bc his parents were killed by a drunk driver two years ago, Luke is 4 now. Lindsey broke down crying again in Derek's arms. He let her cry, he teared up too. Lindsey's house was destroyed. They lost everything, but pictures lindsey kept in a fireproof safe. The pics were of Luke's parents.

Having no place to stay, Derek took lindsey and Luke to his house. Molly stayed w Luke til Derek and Lindsey came back from Walmart. They needed new clothes, toiletries, everything! After they unloaded everything, Derek took Molly home, paid her $100! When he got home, he checked on Luke, he was asleep. Derek was walking away when he saw lindsey's naked body reflected in the mirrored closet door. His cock twitched in his pants, lindsey is tan, toned, beautiful!!! He missed sex w her, but now isn't a good time. After all, she might have a boyfriend. Derek hoped not though.


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