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Senior Trip

Amy and Zach are seniors in high school. Their class voted to go camping for their senior trip. Rafting is going to be awesome! They've known eachother since kindergarten. Zach was the new kid, Amy made him feel included. He's loved her ever since. Amy realized she loved him when he befriended Joey, a new kid who has Down syndrome. Zach won't tolerate kids bullying Joey.

With their class being so big, they split up into four different groups. Amy, zach, Jamie and Alex are all best friends. Alex and Amy rigged the drawing, so they'd be together on the trip. The girls had a sleepover at Alex's the night before they leave for the Grand Canyon. Amy told Alex she's ready to make love to Zach. Alex gave her a box of condoms, showed her a video on how to put one on, warned it's going to hurt the first time, so take a pain reliever before they start.

To be continued.


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