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Sexual Destruction of Lauren Chapter 19 Doing Whatever it takes

Lauren was starting to suspect that her Master kept tabs on all the perverts in her city. What were the odds that she would end up encountering a perverse mall manager. She had clear control of the two men who started unzipping their pants and pulling out their dicks.

“Oh my, no wonder you ass holes are so full of yourselves,” Lauren could see what she was saying. They were big at least ten inches, they stood there awkwardly watching their boss smirking at them. She then looked at Lauren, “Shall we get started?” She grabbed the back of Laurens head. Lauren nodded her head yes. A sense of arousal struck her as the idea of being controlled made her wet again. “Ready to show your qualifications

“I just want to spread some Christmas cheer,” she whimpered. The older looking man removed her skirt exposing her slickening pussy.

“Well I can tell they are getting more cheerful.” Lauren looked and saw that the young mane were definitely more erect. Lauren reached for the other cock and started stroking it a little bit. They were harder than she was expecting and was wondering if they were also masochists. They seemed to have the same enjoyment of humiliation she did. The manager grabbed a jumbo candy cane. Òpen your mouth you little whore.` Lauren did as ordered and she pushed the candy cane in her mouth. She nearly choked on the thing. The manager turned to the two young employees. One was stocky with shiny red hair and a boyish face, the other was a thinner African. She pointed at the African, you lick the crotch of my panties while I try this tasty looking little pussy.` Lauren wondered were she learned how to be so dominant. She kept her legs spread and the manager started running her tongue up and down her exposed pussy while the African kneeled and started licking the crotch of her panties. `Yeah just like that,`she told him. Lauren shivered as the manager tickled her clit the other employee cock got harder as Lauren stroked him. Her pussy was getting so wet she couldn`t hide her arousal. `Hmm not bad for a little whore,`the manager commented. ``Alright get up you little slut,`turn around and touch the wall. She did as ordered. The manager took the candy cane from her mouth and smacked her ass. `Stick that ass out.`Lauren felt the sticky object being pushed in her ass. The men just stood there watching in amazement as the manager fucked her ass with the sticky candy cane.

Òoh,`Lauren moaned turned on by both the sensation and the humiliation. The manager would occasionally spank her but she seemed more determined to see how deep she could go with the candy cane. The manager pushed the sticky instrument deep in her ass.

`Well come on you stupid assholes, Help me get my clothes off.`` Lauren could hear the men helping her strip down. `Hey slut, come here, keep the sticky in the stinky though,`Lauren had some difficulty walking with the cane in her ass but she did as commanded, `Suck his cock,`she ordered motioning to the stocky one. Lauren bent over and put his cock in her mouth. She had to spread her jaw over his huge head but she started sucking it with the candy in her ass a quick glance and she could see that her potential manager was in a state of undress except her suit jacket and panties. `That`s right you little whore keep spreading your holiday cheer,`` she taunted Lauren as she jerked the African Lauren did her best to comply with her orders sucking the man in front of her while feeling the sticky instrument in her ass. She focused on his cock taking it deep while trying to shake the cane loose. `Come on show all your assets,`Lauren nodded and started taking off the robe while keeping his cock in her mouth. She heard a slapping sound and could only imagine the humiliation she was making the other man endure. `Well it looks like you have more endurance than I gave you credit for. She walked over and grabbed Lauren by the head. `Get my panties off`` Lauren carefully help the manager slide free from her panties and the manager rewarded her with a kiss on the lips. `Now keep going Kris Kringel on your ass while I put these two losers to work. With her panties removed the African went back to licking her pussy while she jerked on the Ginger. The Ginger was trembling obviously about to cum. `Don`t tell me you are about to cum, you fucken loser I guess you don't want to keep that job after all.`She pulled the African off of her. `Go stuff her stocking, I want to watch you fuck her.`` Lauren spread her legs and let the employee start pushing into her pussy and proceeded to fuck her. His hard cock was invading her. The desperate employee pounding into her as his buddy started cumming all over his bosses hands.

`You`re fired get the fuck out and clean out your desk.` She then looked at Lauren and went over and started slowly removing the candy cane from her ass. Lauren couldn`t handle it and she started cumming hard. She watched as the manager held the candy cane.`Looks like you get to keep your job now get dressed and go back to work, you can cum on your own time.`She then pushed the candy cane back in Laurens mouth. Às for you get the fuck out of here, spread your cheer back in town like a good little street walker. She walked over and grabbed the discarded slutty uniform and threw it at Lauren.`Security will be here in about two minutes, I suggest you be gone by then,`` she walked out leaving Lauren with a sticky ass and the candy cane still in her mouth.

Lauren trembled with fear she had failed her Master, she headed straight home after her interview she had to shower to wash the sticky mess from her asshole. She was grateful that her parents were not at home to see her shameful appearance. Her pussy was drenched recalling the whole event. Hot water poured out of the shower allowing her the chance to wash the mess off of her body. She had to stick the soap deep in her asshole and she felt even more ashamed as she noticed how much easier it was to get things in her ass lately. She whimpered as her fingers slid into her anal cavity and allowed her the chance to clean herself. She stepped out of the shower and sat up waiting to hear the familer ring tone letting her know that her Master was calling her. The tone went off and she looked at the message on the screen.


``No sir,`she sobbed while texting, ``I did as you ordered but the she didn`t hire me.

TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED. Lauren texted him telling him in great detail about the humiliation she was forced to endure. The reply was a picture of her Masters cock. A REWARD FOR YOUR EFFORTS. ARE YOU HUNGRY? She looked at his cock and remembered how he used it before and her mouth watered.

“OMG I would love to eat it,”




“I would go anywhere your send me.”

I SEE. She waited for a further reply but received none. For the rest of the day she wondered what he was planning for her next.

Late at night she was woken by a strange scuffling sound she woke to on her back to see a cock right in front of her face. Before she could react strong hands grabbed the back of her head and his cock went right in her mouth.

“How's my cock taste slut?” the familer voice of her Master asked her. He pulled out of her allowing her to answer.

“Soo fucking good,” she replied

“Going to send you to work with my cum all over your face. Wear it with pride you little slut.” He then changed his position so he was over her with her pussy by his face and his cock over her face. His tongue drilled into her pussy as he pushed his cock deeper down her throat. She struggled to take it. His tongue flicked her clit back and forth, she tried to moan while choking it all down. Her Master pulled up allowing her to breathe a bit. Then he shoved all the way down her throat. He kept her from panicking by pressing his tongue deep in her making circles but she couldn't help but gag hard. “Yeah choke on it slut,” she couldn't reply, she could barely breathe. She felt like her Master was trying to kill her. Her throat was suddenly unclogged as her Master pulled out. He then sat on the bed. “Get on your knees in front of me,” Lauren took a few deep breaths and then complied with his orders. “Yeah squeeze your Masters cock with your titties. Lauren loved being on her knees in from of her Master in such a submissive position. She felt his cock slapping her breasts before getting between them. Lauren angled herself trying to accommodate his demands. He grabbed her head by her hair. “Get your mouth down there I want to feel that tongue and lips on my cock. He smacked her face. “Do a good job and I might let you fuck me.”


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