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She knew she was his

She didn't set out to find him Friday night, she wasn't even looking. It was a another Friday night out with the girls. The same places the same old faces.

Then she spotted him sitting talking to his friends. The reason this group caught her attention was they were all wearing suits. She had always had a weekness for a man in a suit. But it was him that had really caught her eye. Dark grey suit, red tie and that dark wayward hair. She couldn't take her eyes off him he looked up and smiled knowing he had caught her attention. She quickly lowed her eyes occasionally taking a peek, to find him still looking.

She made her way to the bar to get herself another drink, to find d him standing next to her closer than was necessary sending waves of electricity through her body. She hadn't noticed the barman asking her what she wanted. Opologising her face turning the same colour as his tie she ordered her drink.

He paid her drink and whispered In her ear come little one. Taking her by the hand and leading her to a table in a dark secluded corner. Sitting down next to her placing his hand on her upper thigh. His thumb making circular movements on her leg, sending g that same electrical feelings g through her body. Letting out a moan he knew fall well the effect he was having on her . Her face once again turning the same colour as his tie. He found her lips pushing them apart with his tongue, she couldn't help returning his kiss with a passion she had never felt before.

He released her and then whispered in her ear go to the ladies and return to me with your panties in your hands. Thus she did without hesitation. Walking back through the bar she was so sure that everyone knew what she had done, so quickly making her way back to him she placed her panties in his out stretched hand. Place the moment in his suit pocket he said so wet little one.

Sitting back down next to him, he placed his hand this time on her inner thigh, making those same circular movements with his thumb. Slowly working his way up,until his thumb was brushing her swollen wet lips. She let out a soft moan.

Then he took her hand and led her through the bar up to his room. He closed the door behind him and said kneel. This she did without hesitation.

From that moment on she knew she was his. .


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