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Silenced while being ravished


Susan was a divorced mother in her mid-forties who had two children- a girl 10 and a son 12. She was very pretty and had a very toned and lithe body from all the exercise she did on a regular basis at her local gym. Even though she was under 5 feet tall, her body was solid muscle from all the strenuous workouts she did every day after work. Sue had short blond hair, deep ocean blue eyes, small pert breasts, firm flat stomach and toned legs.

Susan and her two children had gotten home late after going out to a movie together (it was Friday night) and had just finished tucking her two kids into bed and was heading to her room when she thought she heard a noise downstairs.

Thinking the noise was made by the cat they had, she paid no attention to it and went into her large bedroom where she closed the door and began to get ready for bed. Since Susan did not like to feel constricted by wearing clothes when she slept, she always slept naked. And, since she had a long day and was dead tired, Susan fell fast asleep, snoring loudly.

While Susan was fast asleep and snoring away, an intruder wearing a mask over his face had gotten in through the garage door to the house that She had forgot to lock and crept his way quietly up the stairs to her bedroom door. Once outside, the intruder slowly opened the door. Susan did not stir.

The intruder walked softly over to the bed, and immediately placed his hand over her mouth.

Susan awoke with a startle and seeing the masked man began to try and shout and squirm.

The intruder took his free hand and placed it on her throat and began choking her. Susan, fearing for her life, stopped struggling.

“Much better”, the intruder said to her. The intruder took his hand off her throat, and removed his other hand from her mouth.

“Please don’t hurt me”, Susan said. “Just take what you want and leave.” “I promise I won’t call the police.” “Just leave.”

The intruder became annoyed and said to her: “Look lady, you are in no position to tell me what to do.” With that, the intruder placed his hand on her neck again and began to choke her.

Fearing she was going to die, Susan attempted to speak, and mumbled “I’m sorry.” With that, the intruder stopped choking her.

“Now do I have your attention and cooperation?” Susan nodded her head yes.

“Good.” “Now I am going to ask you some questions”. Nod your head yes or no”. “Are you alone?” Susan nodded her head no. “Anyone else in the house with you?” Susan nodded her head yes.

“Now, I want you to tell me who, but make sure you whisper it in my ear so as not to disturb the people in the house.” “I wouldn’t want to have to hurt them.”

The intruder leaned down and Susan whispered into his ear, “My two children”.

“How nice”, the intruder said. “I think I will go and wake them up.”

“Susan began to sob. “Please,”, she said in a whisper,” leave them alone.” Don’t hurt them.”

“I won’t hurt them”, the intruder said, “if you do exactly what I say”. “Do you understand?”

“Susan nodded her head up and down signaling to him she would cooperate.

“Now, lay still and don’t move”. Fearing for her children’s safety, Susan complied with his demand. The intruder went to her closet and pulled out several articles of her clothing- several blouses, a couple of pairs of panty hose, several pairs of bra and panty set underwear and several bikini bathing suits.

Holding the clothes in his hand, the intruder came back over to the bed and dropped them on top of the bed.

“I want you to throw off the covers and get out of the bed.” Remembering she always slept nude, Susan looked at the intruder and said, “Please don’t make me do this.”

The intruder looked at her and said, “Fine, I will go get your kids.”

Hearing this, and fearing for her children’s safety, Susan threw back the covers and was now naked and exposed.

The intruder looked at her for a moment and then said, “you have one hot looking body”. “Those breasts will fit nicely in my hands, and man, that shaved pussy will make me hard for the rest of the night.”

“Now, get up out of the bed and come over here and get on your knees”.

Once Susan was facing the intruder on her knees, he unzipped his pants and removed his penis from his pants. “Now suck on this really good and make me hard.”

Susan began sucking on his cock until it became hard, firm and erect.

“Now, go climb back onto the bed and lie down on your back.”

Susan got on the bed and lay down on her back, face up.

The intruder then took several of her pantyhose and used them to tie her arms and legs to the bed frame so she was in a spread-eagle position.

Leaving his mask on, the intruder began to play with her small pert breasts and lick, nibble and suck on her clit until it became hard and engorged.

While he was sucking on her clit and playing with her breasts, Susan began to moan from her stimulation.

“I told you no sounds”, the intruder said as he stopped licking her clit and playing with her breasts. “Guess I will have to go wake up your children and bring them in here.”

“Please”, Susan said. “I beg you, please don’t force them to see this”. “I promise I will be quiet.”

“I don’t think you will,” the intruder said. “I can’t trust you.”

“Please,” Susan said again, “I will be quiet.” You can do whatever you want to me- just don’t bring them in here.”

“How do I know you will be quiet?”. The intruder asked.

Susan thought for a moment and then said, “You can gag me as tight as you want so I won’t make any noise.” “Use whatever you want and as much as you want so I can’t make any noise.”


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