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Snow White

Snow White was furious that her seven roomates were late. This was the first time they had disobeyed her and she couldn't wait to humiliate them.

Dressed in a black tutu with a lace bra and black stilettos, snow white stood at the door, tapping her foot. She played in her short hair, which she often did when she was angry and horny.

The seven roomates all came stumbling in, out of breath and apologetic.

"where the FUCK were you !?  I should have never trusted stupid and pathetic pets like you to fetch me my apples. You worthless piece of shits!".

She smacked her Roomate who's nickname was 'Angry'. He turned red with embarrassment and immediately frowned.

"All of you on your knees! On your FUCKIN KNEES!" She screamed. They all slowly got on their knees, looking up at her and getting turned on by her huge, round tits.

Her roommate Dopey began to pant.

"I am going to beat shit out of ALL of you, and then I'm going to fuck you all in the face!"

All seven of the roommates can feel their dicks starting to grow as hard as a rock.

Her Roomate 'Bashful' could not look her in the eye and stared at the floor. She approached him first. She slid off her thong , leaving on her tutu. She grabbed his face slowly, placed her wet pussy on his nose and began to grind slow but hard. Bashful moaned and tried to resist but she forced her pussy down harder, grinding his face so passionately that all of the other roommates watched in awe. She felt herself beginning to cum and stopped immediately. She then walked over to dopey.

"Stick out your tounge!".

Dopey lifted his chin and stuck out his tounge. Snow white placed her clit at the tip of his tounge and rubbed her pussy back and forth. She threw her head back and loved how wet his tounge always feels. Dopey began to flick his tounge frantically and snow white stood still enjoying the pleasure.

"That's right , flick your fuckin tounge and eat my pussy. EAT MY FUCKIN PUSSY DOPEY!".  Snow white threw her head back, not moving a muscle and could feel how wet and slippery she was. She could feel herself cumming again and immediately backed away. Dopey's mouth glistened with wetness.

Snow white continued to fuck the roommates in the face but saved her two favorites for last . Happy and Angry.

She stood in between Happy and Angry smiling down at them. Her pussy was on fire from all of the pussy play. She wanted to cum so bad.

"Angry, I'm going to fuck the Shit out of your face. Happy, I want you to lick my ass while I do it!!"

Angry forcefully pushed his face into her pussy. He sniffed hard and grabbed her ass to push her in further. Angry was the only roomate she allowed to man handle her. Angry moved his hands away and Happy stuck out his long tounge and began to lick Snow white's big round ass. All of the other roomates watched and played with their dicks.

Snow white face fucked Angry hard and fast. His moans vibrated her pussy and she went wild on his face. She grabbed both Angry and Happy's hair and fucked harder. Her titties bouncing, her sweet ass jiggling. Happy smacked her ass hard!

All of the other roomates gasped in shock. Only Angry was allowed to slap her ass.

Snow white backed away staring at Happy with Anger. Before Snow white could react, Angry bent her over , stuffed his dick inside her pussy and began to fuck her hard from the back. Happy smiled and Snow white took out Happy's dick and began sucking frantically. Happy smiled even harder and stood there watching Snow White suck and spit on his dick. Angry was REALLy turned on and began slapping her ass over and over. Watching it jiggle drove him crazy and he fucked her harder

The other roomates began jagging off. All of them close to cumming staring at Snow White.

Angry grabbed her ass cheeks and growled "Give me that ass!".

Dopey and Sneezy were the first to cum all over themselves . Their moans made Snow white reach an orgasm and she began to back her ass up hard on Angry's Dick. Angry  came all over her ass and tutu.   Snow White continued to suck Happy's dick until he erupted on her face.


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