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Snow White.

Snow White was furious that her seven roomates were late. This was the first time they had disobeyed her and she couldn't wait to humiliate them.

Dressed in a black tutu with a lace bra and black stilettos, snow white stood at the door, tapping her foot. She played in her short hair, which she often did when she was angry and horny.

The seven roomates all came stumbling in, out of breath and apologetic.

"where the FUCK were you !?  I should have never trusted stupid and pathetic pets like you to fetch me my apples. You worthless piece of shits!".

She smacked her Roomate who's nickname was 'Angry'. He turned red with embarrassment and immediately frowned.

"All of you on your knees! On your FUCKIN KNEES!" She screamed. They all slowly got on their knees, looking up at her and getting turned on by her huge, round tits.

Her roommate Dopey began to pant.

"I am going to beat shit out of ALL of you, and then I'm going to fuck you all in the face!"

All seven of the roommates can feel their dicks starting to grow as hard as a rock.




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