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Spanking Clause 2

Maria wasn't disappointed, Mr. Gibson told her to assume the spanking position, she pushed up her skirt, lowered her panties, then she bent over his lap. Richard, Dick Gibson loved getting new hires in such a vulnerable state! He's not sexually violent, he just enjoys spanking bare asses!!! It turns him on! And every woman he spanks, he eventually fucks! Once he finds a new conquest, he gives raises to the others, vacations to others so they won't sue him.

Dick Gibson knew Maria was different right from the beginning. There's just something about her. Back to the matter at hand, pun intended. Dick told her he'd spank her, then all would be forgiven. Maria was very horny! She almost came from being spanked! Once Dick had reddened her bare ass, he tore her panties off her body, spread her legs, devoured her trimmed pussy! Maria bucked her body to get her clit in his mouth, between his teeth! Oh damn! Maria needed to be fucked! It's been way too long!!! She couldn't wait, Maria pushed him back a little, took out his cock, sucked, spit on it, shoved it deep in her throbbing pussy! It was aching to be fucked! Oh, and fucked good, hard! She thrust her hips expertly, milking his cock for all it's hot cum!! He's an excellent kisser, tender, passionate. When Maria came, she arched her back, made a gutterally moan, clung to his bare chest, panting. That's when Dick came, he loves the noises women make when they cum! He filled her cunt w his seed!!! Dick deep down hopes Maria's womb is unprotected, he wants children. Only time will tell.

A month goes by, then two months, Maria is never late. She went to Walmart, bought a pregnancy test and took it. Maria called her boss's private number, asked him to meet him at Duncan Park. Dick started to talk, asked why the park, Maria held up the test in a plastic baggie, its positive. She cried, he hugged her, told her he's in love w her, asked Maria to keep their baby, marry him. Maria told him she would marry him if he voided everyone else's spanking Clause but hers! And they lived happily ever after w their son Robert, daughter, Kathleen.


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