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Spanking Clause

Maria Cruz is walking into her first day of work, she is praying that the rest of her day goes a lot better than this morning, her car got a flat tire, making her 90 minutes late for work. She called in and told someone that she'd be late and why, the girl who answered said she'd tell Mr. Gibson, but she didn't bc he bawled her out for her tardiness. Maria isn't one to be walked on, she explained she did call and told a receptionist what happened. Mr. Gibson called Claire into his office, asked her in front of Maria why she didn't tell him Maria called? Claire put her head down, said she got busy on a project and forgot to tell him, then he asked Maria to go to HR and finish up a few forms. As Maria was walking away she could swear she heard Mr. Gibson spanking Claire!

She filled out the papers Gail handed her, doing a double take when she was reading one of the forms, it said if her job performance is at anytime unsatisfactory Mr. Gibson can use corporal punishment as correction. She was intrigued so she signed it. Maria is a smart, responsible woman. She doubts her new boss will have to use the spanking Clause on her.

When it was almost quitting time, Maria was brave enough to ask Claire how hard Mr. Gibson spanks? Claire blushed, embarrassed Maria heard her punishment. She replied, very hard, like a daddy would. Maria was shocked, turned on by her reply.

It was a whole month before Maria tested her boss. She made copies of an important report, then "accidentally" spilled coffee all over them. Mr. Gibson told her to clean it up, come to his office after everyone else had left. The anticipation was killing her! She fingered herself in the bathroom stall for 20 mins during her lunch hour!

Everyone else left, Maria knocked, waited to hear her boss say, come in. Maria opened the heavy oak door, walked in, closed the door behind her.

To be continued...


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