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Story Time (The First)

"I'm here"

The usual message pops up. I smile, and head down stairs to meet you at the door. "Come in, it's cold outside" I say, admiring your ruddy cheeks. I guide you upstairs, my hand at the small of your back, and close my bedroom door behind us.

Once concealed from prying eyes, I spin you around, grab you roughly by the chin, and kiss you deeply and passionately. As you start to respond, I pull away. "It's time for your punishment. Strip" My tone leaves it clear that this is a command, not a request. You eye me for a second. I can see the rebellion in your eyes, considering smarting off or fighting back. Then you give in, dropping your bags and slowly removing your clothes. I walk around my bed, and fiddle around in a drawer, pulling out tonight's accessories.

I set aside a buttplug, and a bottle of lube. "Put this in you. You'll want to be loosened up and ready for what's coming." Again, you eye me, but you bite back your words and comply. I can see you're starting to become intrigued by where this is going, starting to buy into the game. I watch as you work the toy into yourself, relishing the myriad of expression crossing your face as you finally get it fully inserted.

"Turn around." I command, and hold up a nylon strap, Velcro cuffs at one end, a ball gag at the other. "No sense in letting you struggle you way out of what's coming..." I walk up behind you, and slowly affix the cuffs, first to one wrist, then to the other. Once those are in place, I lay the length of the strap up your back, and pass the gag around you mouth. "Open wide..." I whisper into your ear, then swiftly affix the gag in place.

I then pull up another piece of leather and chain. "This was supposed to be a gag, but well, the size is off. But I think it'll work fine as a collar. The chains? Nipple clamps, but I know you're familiar with those..." I wrap the 'collar' around your neck, after passing the chain around them a few times to shorten their length, making sure they'll be taut once the clamps are in place. "I want your slightest movement to tug at them..."

I step back, admiring my handywork. "Almost done. You're fully dressed, but I'm lagging behind. Forgive me." I say, mockingly. I slowly remove my clothes, then turn around and push you down to the bed. I tug at the chains a bit, causing the clamps to pull at your nipples, and kiss at your neck, then bite, gently at first, then a little harder, and then yet a little harder again. I work my way down your chest, in between your breasts, biting and nibbling as I go. I work my way across your stomach, biting still now, with increasing urgency.

I force your legs apart, and stare at your pussy, already wet in anticipation of what is to come. "I know it seems odd to start punishment like this, but the pleasure now will make it that much better. Besides, I intend to keep at this long enough that it almost becomes a torture for you." With a grin, I bury my face in your wetness, and get to work.

My tongue dances skillfully, playfully across your clitoris, increasing and decreasing in speed in response to your muffled moans, and your constrained squirming. I suckle at it gently, then with a bit more urgency, then back off, all part of teasing you, building you towards that sweet release you desperately desire...

I continue at this for some time, smiling to myself as orgasm after orgasm rocks your body, as your muffled pleas to stop, that you can't take any more, go ignored. After a while, I decide you've had enough. I guide you to your feet, step around you, grab a bottle of water off my end table. "Thirsty? I know I am." I take a swig, eye balling you as you nod fervently. I smile, step close, and reach behind your head, releasing the gag.

I bring the bottle up to your mouth, then snatch it away and drink of it myself. Seeing the look in your eyes, I smirk, then grab your chin and kiss you, passing the water to you at the same time. "Need more?" I ask, and repeat at your insistence.

"Good girl. Now, on your knees." I force you down, lining your face with my now rock hard erection. "Open wide. You know what to do." I then thrust my cock into your mouth and down your throat. "This is what naughty girls get for being a brat... Maybe you'll remember that next time, just exactly what I can stick in your mouth to shut you up."

I thrust away, feeling you do your best to suck and please me, watching your hands move and struggle as you desperately wants to use them to assist. I feel an orgasm building, and you seem to notice, as I see the look of anticipation and excitement building in your eyes. Right before I cum, I pull out, and spray my load of hot semen across your face and chest. "Bad girls don't get to swallow... But I'll let you lick up what you can reach with your tongue."

I step back and watch as you run your tongue around your lips, grabbing what drops you can. I help you to your feet, and push you back into the bed. "Alright, catch your breath. We're not quite done yet."

Sometime later, I feel my loins stirring again, brought to life by the sight of your bound, helpless body. I sit you up, and put the gag back in place. "Don't want you making too much noise, now." I then roughly place you on your knees, ass in the air. The base of the buttplug stares at me tantalizingly. I grab the lube, and apply it to my rapidly hardening dick.

I grab the base of the plug, and pull it, gently, from your body. "Now, for the final act..." I whisper, and slide my dick into your ass, feeling first one, then two barriers attempt to impede my progress, before I finally pass into your anus. I relish your grunts and moans, muffled as they are by the gag, as I slowly being to thrust.

I gauge my pace based on your reactions. As you moans and screams start to get louder, I back off, slow down. As you grind your ass against my hips, I speed up. I continue at this for a while, relishing the tightness, the resistance, and the feeling as it slowly gives away, as your body relaxes and comes to accept my dicks residence in your ass. I feel my climax building again, and I increase the tempo of my thrusts, deaf to your cries. With a deep groan, I fill your rectum with my seed, then slowly pull out. I grab a towel, and wipe myself down, before reaching forward and releasing your wrists. I toss the towel to you. "Clean up."

I lay down in bed, spent, satisfied. You clean yourself off, and crawl into bed next to me, panting, nearly overcome, your mascara smeared from the tears... I smile, and kiss your forehead gently.

"Good girl..."







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