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Stress Relief 2

Helen got busy cleaning, cooking Logan's favorite meal, meatloaf, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, sweet tea and for dessert, double fudge brownies w homemade vanilla icecream. She didn't realize it, but she missed mothering, being in the thick of it. The phone rang, Logan is on his way! 30 minutes and she'd get to hug her son, her little boy. Oh! The mischief he and his sister got into! It seemed like every week one of them was over her knee for something. She never understood ppl who said spanking kids is bad, both of her kids are happy, well adjusted, law abiding citizens.

The dogs barking alerted Helen that Logan had arrived! She stepped out onto the front porch to greet her firstborn and she barely recognized him! He's skinny as a rail, he's let his hair grow a little shaggy. Helen hugged Logan tightly, told him it'll be alright, she loves him. Logan grabbed his suitcase, they went inside. Logan thanked his mom for making all his favorites, unpacked.

After dinner Helen cleaned up, told Logan to wait in the porch for her, she's cutting his hair. Long hair is for women she said, Logan didn't argue. Helen found her scissors, barbers brush, a big towel, found Logan gazing at the land, drinking his tea. Cutting hair is how they survived after her husband died, and the eggs, fruits, veggies they sold at the farmers market. They chit chatted, but Logan didn't work up the courage to tell his mother why he was really there, he would tell her tomorrow after breakfast, or so he thought.

They had dessert, Logan cleaned up. Helen had waited long enough, she asked Logan to come clean, tell her what's wrong? Is he sick? Why did he come home? Logan swallowed hard, told her he wasn't happy at work anymore, that it'd changed him, he's stressed, grouchy, short w ppl, he suspects his boss is insider trading, but he hasn't reported to the SEC about it yet. Logan sat down next to his mother and asked if she would punish him like when he was little? He said, it always helped him feel better. Helen was silent, then she said, I love you Logan, I want to get you back on track, so let's go to my room.

Logan was happy his mom agreed to do this. He knows he needs it. When he walked in her room, he took off his clothes, stood in the corner. She made them get undressed bc it's embarrassing, the way their behavior embarrassed her. Logan waited 10 mins while Helen used the restroom and found the paddle, brush, belt. Logan only got all three when he was really bad! He didn't ask for all of them, he knows his mother, she'll use all of them. Helen told him to get across her lap, he would be spanked by her bare hand first. Over the years, her sting had not diminished! Logan needed this, Helen will not let him down!

Helen spanked her adult son on his bare ass 50 times! 25 per cheek! She made him stand w his hands on the wall and she spanked him w the heart shaped paddle 10 times, she told him to get into the diaper position, next was the hairbrush! This is what made Logan cry, howl the most! Helen told him how disappointed in him she is, how shameful his behavior is! Logan cried, I'm so sorry mommy! So sorry! Helen leaned down to him, said, yes you're going to be very sorry young man, spanking his sit spots a little harder than the last time! Then Helen told him to turn over on his hands and knees, it is time for the belt. Logans ass was a maroon red, not bloody, just bruised. She gave him a pillow to raise his ass higher on the bed. Without a word, Helen beat her sons ass w his father's leather belt 10 times, each spank harder than the other! When she was done, she carefully stood Logan up, hugged him, told him, I love you, all is forgiven now, tomorrow is a new oppurtunity to make better choices. Logan thanked his mother for loving him enough to punish him, then Logan went to his room, on his tummy, he cried himself to sleep.

The week went by really fast! Logan felt refreshed, ready to go back to work, apologize to the people he was rude to, report his boss to the SEC. After the investigation was over, Tate Donovan went to prison and Logan got a promotion! Every few months he goes home for more stress relief from him mother.

The End


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