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Stress Relief

Logan is a successful stockbroker. Lately though he's been edgy, grouchy. Stockbrokers have a high burnout rate. He needs a vacation. It's been a while since he's been home to see his mom, her birthday is coming up next week, so Logan booked a flight for Houston, TX. He called to tell her about his visit, she was very excited!

On the phone, Helen could tell something was bothering her son, but she didn't press the matter, she'd get the scoop when she saw him. When Logan was little and he'd done something wrong, she knew it right away, he's a terrible liar. Helen raised Logan and his sister, Allison by herself after her husband, Sam died in a car accident, logan was five, Allison was three. Helen was tough, but fair, like Sam.

Helen met Sam at a church picnic. She was new in town, he asked if she wanted him to show her around, introduce her to ppl? Helen gleefully agreed. She's shy. Sam was outgoing, funny. They fell in love quickly. Both came from faithful, traditional families. When they married, both fathers sat Sam down and told him he's now the Head of their household. He'll be the one responsible for disciplining Helen when she needs it and the gave him a handmade wooden heart shaped paddle.

A week later, on their honeymoon Sam spanked Helen with it, the sex was amazing afterward!!! She didn't expect to get turned on, when she was spanked by her father she didn't get sexually excited like this!

To be continued.


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