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Strip mall parking lot

It's late. We're driving home from a show at the club. Well, he's driving. And I'm being a complete and utter brat in the passenger seat. I'm drunk, I'm horny. I have my bare feet on the dashboard and I'm threatening him to either give me a lighter and let me smoke in the car or I am going to finger myself and gush all over the floor on the passenger side.

He turns sharply to the right, pulling into a parking lot- strip mall at 10 mile and evergreen. He stops the car abruptly in the center of the lot. He's opening the passenger door.

"C'mon. Get out."

I do. Pouting.

One hand pushes me back against the car, the other hand firmly between my legs. His fingers push into my cunt. I'm going to cum right away...

"Not here," he motions towards the row of store fronts. "Walk."

I don't have any shoes on. I walk across the parking lot, straight ahead to the shops.

On the sidewalk under the bright trashy fluorescent lights, in between a nail salon and maybe a sandwich shop he shoves me hard against the wall.

"We almost got in an accident! You little slut! Open!"

I do as I'm told: unzip the front of my dress, and spread my legs wide. I'm naked, exposed to the midnight traffic surging by. He starts finger fucking me. My eyes glaze over, my head tips back and I start cumming over and over splashing on the concrete.


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