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I couldn’t breathe.

He caught me off guard, that sneaky Daddy.

I had innocently and excitedly been sucking his cock. This is one of my favorite things to do; he knows it. Suddenly, my head was pushed down causing me to choke on his delicious shaft. Thinking Daddy just wanted to fuck my face, I relaxed and waited for him to let go.

I waited.
And waited.

Instead, he wrapped his thighs around my head. His cock was jammed so far down my throat, I swear I felt it in my ass.

I gagged hard on him.

Ok, Daddy. You’ve had your fun, I thought. Let me go. I waited for his thighs to loosen.

I gagged hard on his cock again. I scratched at his outer thighs.


Come on, Daddy. I really need to breathe.

I gagged a third time. I could feel the thick spit collecting and pushing out of the corners of my mouth. He tightened his grip.

My vision got blurry as I gagged again, hardest of all. He quickly loosened his grip and pulled me off of his cock, the thick ropes of spit connecting us together. I was permitted one breath before his dick was back down my throat and his thighs around my head.

Again, I couldn’t breathe.

I smiled a little realizing Daddy knows how much I need his cock: more than air.


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