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The neighbor brother and sister our age, and my sister and I, were riding skateboards on our bellies on bright summer day when we were about 5 years old. We were on cement pavement and skateboards had steel wheels then with no sort of shock absorbers. We were riding on our bellies because we couldn't balance to stand up. My sister said, come here, and I said ok if I don't go to the bathroom first. I was having my first orgasm and I had no idea what it was. Nothing came out but it sure felt good, and the skateboard and I became friends. I found other ways to do it too. It was nothing sexual or about girls at all, purely physical. I didn't associate any of it with girls until I was maybe 12 or so, with Playboy magazines, and that's about when something first came out. I was a little afraid I had broken something when something first came out but I thought probably not and kept quiet.

I wanted to be wanted and looked at and thought of like I looked at and thought of the models. To BE the forbidden fruit, just a simple sex object.

My fantasy with pictures became and remains that the model is watching me and feeling an ego boost, or feeling powerful about her effect on me, deliberately displaying herself provocatively for impact.

I kept maybe a dozen of pics with this thought in mind in my favorites folder in Yahoo chat. I didn't use them to masturbate with though, I just gave them to the chat chicks who would actually watch me on a web cam to explain how my head works. {note see Exhibit C in attached, Twin Sisters} Why would I want to just look at pics while there was an infinite supply of chat chicks I could please even a little who would be happy to watch a while? There would be two windows on my screen, the web cam where I see the same thing she does, and the text chat box all communication took place in. I never saw a pic or heard a voice to even verify gender.

It was hard to find someone who both liked to watch and who I could just be a normal chat friend with too, but once I did find someone like that. I knew her for about 3 years, but she moved on to another chat program. She insisted on showing me her cam one time to prove she was real, and I felt gratitude for that.

In the theme, the Yahoo room for this is simply called Masturbation. There are some modest number like 6 to 10 profiles like yours with very little information beyond "F" if any, and never a pic, who probably use this particular anonymous chat ID just for this room. All you not so many girls from 13 to 60 want me to send you a private message saying, sweetie may I cum for you? It takes more exhibitionistic umph to masturbate on cam while chatting publicly in the room, but it is a seductive idea to me. However I do always leave my cam open and not leave the masturbation room, so anyone male or female could click view and see me any time if they feel like it, but mostly these strays only want to watch not chat at all. Just you texting projects all the active concious attention I can even practically handle with the physical configuration, to get off on, and it's no skin off my nose about the non-typing peanut gallery. You are basically never here to be seen yourself.

Representative first replies to sweetie may I cum for you include



(in this case I would say, 59m, and the common usual reply would be, cool.)

please do

go ahead

I don't think I remember anyone who said no thanks.

And I would tell you there are better than cam pics of me in my public photo album, always give you a head cam view of my face first when practicable (you appreciate this), and ask if you would like to just chat a while or do you want action. You almost always want me to cum as soon as possible, but might instead say, whatever I feel like.

Exhibit A {see attached Soul Sisters }would be a swell pic for you to flash me with (we both understand it's not you) while we text chat during my displayed masturbation. Such flashing isn't universal but not rare either. I explain about how my head works with the masturbation model being powerful, and my first orgasm if you actually like to chat a little too. I like to ask you if I should cum sooner or later, if there is anything particular I can show you such as balls, or a close up of the engorged head, which I do just to show more anyway. Sometimes you tell me to stand up and turn around so you can see my body better or tell me to lay down on the floor spread for you like you'd think of a normal female commercial masturbating cam girl, but this has communication problems since I can't see the chat window or reach the keyboard. Once in a while you tell me to turn around and bend over spreading my ass cheeks which I of course do, but if this is all you keep asking for I suspect you're a gay male. Should I stroke slower or faster? Feel free to tell me to stop and start just to see me obey. All the while being deliberate to give you the best showing of my genitalia on the view we share so when you type anything I feel it like impact better. When I'm ready to cum, I nurse it and inform you I'm waiting for your preferences. Should I let it be a mess or catch it in my palm and lick it off? Letting it be a mess is a better view I want to give you, or if you like the kink of my licking it off I'm here to please you either way, and I get it that it's generally an internet privilege you grant to watch any guy in the first place.

All that is left is for you to say, cum for me now.

These attached pics are kindred spirits....I understand how it feels about eyes on the body. I wish I had my old pics back and I wish I could still look good naked for anyone interested.


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