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Taboo and incestuous. Every, if not majority, man covets twins. I, am a twin. Whether it be a power exchange, curiosity, or the fact that I'm just a dirty fucking whore... I have a fantasy of fucking with my twin. We are identicle and I'm sure if I asked her she'd be freaked out... but a girl can dream, right? : )

I want to have a three way. I want your cock in both of our mouths. I picture both of us on the couch, asses in the air and you going back and forth between our identical drooling pussy holes. You, pulling out and having me suck your cock clean every so often, but then going right back to fucking us. Feeling both of us from the inside, and placing one of your hands on each of our backsides. In my fantasy you are her man. And I'm the taboo. The "other twin" that all men covet. I would have seduced you, regardless, but in my fantasy, all I had to do was walk in as you two were fucking. She didn't protest. She was preoccupied by your huge, throbbing cock. I lay on my back and she climbs ontop of me, facing me. We make out as you have our four holes available to you to fuck. To penetrate and compare. Her ass pushed back towards you, and me holding my legs out to the side. You push all the way into her, then all the way into me. Back and forth. I ask you whose fucking pussy is the best? Who owns these fucking tight, pink pussies? You smirk and wink at me as you keep fucking us. You find a double sided dildo and feed it into our now gaping pussies and we fuck each other as you fuck our assholes slow and deep, back and forth. Then, I change positions as you say you are getting ready to cum. She stays where she is, ass in the air. You give me your cock so I can clean our asshole juices off with my tongue. I get on the floor beneath and in front of you and lick your cock as you fuck her pussy. My tongue catching her juices every time you pull out slightly. I'm tasting her, seeing if we taste the same. Pleasantly, we do. Then you pull out and shove your cock in my mouth and cum your thick, fertile load. I play with it with my tongue, and hold it in my mouth until you tell me to swallow.


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