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Taken.. a story of a fairy rabbit and a silver wolf . Part one

Trigger warning! Do not read if not into force or weres


Today is a day like any other. Bright sunny. smiling to myself sitting in the forest picking flowers I enjoy the cool breeze. -suddenly the aura shifts- looking around I see nothing but I feel as I'm being hunted. Quickly gathering my things to leave. growl o no. O no , o no. Please god. I thought this forest was safe. Looking up my brown eyes meet his gold ones . Confused for a bit I gather my thoughts . a wollf ? Before I could even get that thought out , the wolf steps out to the clearing. my mouth goes dry this was the biggest wolf I've ever seen. His coat long and pure silver . with large golden eyes , that seems to be filled with a dangerous content. Sharp teeth . big paws. blush Am I...checking out a wolf. Blushing at the fact that I find this wolf attractive. But all that went away as he slowly came closer. gulp now in front of my face. he starts to shift at this point my fear intensifys. This large wolf was becoming a large man . -turning to run- I get grapped shoved into the ground . no stop struggling under his hard body. as if, I finally found you he chuckles. -desire hits my body- no stop . urging my body not to respond. rip tearing my cloths away. Lifting me up with his tail. stop , stop fear ripping into me as he lowers his mouth to my breast. -blood trickling down- biting into my breast as if he's marking me as his. such a tasty little thing he growls out. Pinned under him I feel him grow. -o god he's to big- pushing away only to get trapped on my stomach. mmm what a view pinning me down to smack my ass. Then I felt it his huge member against mine. Growling he bites down on my shoulder . shoving himself inside me . ripping me apart. ahhh please no ignoring me he starts to pump . slamming into my tiny body. Using me . you are mine now, this body is mine ,I Alfa wolf Adrian claim you as my mate -o god no- struggling but only making him shove farther in me. yes little one you belong to me


I had just been running threw the forest in my wolf form , when I heard her. Running towards this soft angelic voice I stop. color bursting everywhere you see us wolf shifters are born seeing black and white til the day we find our mate. Looking at her my need to claim her increases . never had he seen one so beautiful. With long back hair to her waist. Big brown eyes, golden skin and pink lips that pouted when she was thinking. I had to have her. From her smell I could tell she was s fairy. Stalking out I begin to hunt my future mate. Ripping her clothes, feeling her skin . growl as I thrust into her. All I can think is mine. The fear in her eyes excits me. Sending me over the edge I cum inside her. Marking her. Claiming her. Impregnating her. She is mine . howling I gather her fainted body into my arms . taking her back to my layer.

(To be continued)


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