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Temp Job

Angela has had a bit of bad luck lately. She hasn't had full time work in 10 months! In the meantime, she's been working w a local temp job company. This time her assignment is to drive around and test if 911 is available and which police station she calls.

It's mid morning and she's at her second site. The powers that be have run into a glitch, so she's got an hour to kill. Angela is experiencing PMS, she's horny! It's a good thing she brought her bullet! She's out in BFE, there's no one around, or so she thinks!

She's never done anything like this before, it's so naughty! Angela cleared all the junk, trash from her back seat, pulled her jeans down around her ankles and began masturbating. She massaged her tits, pulled her nipples gently, getting her juices flowing! Angela is a squirter, so she put the blanket she keeps in her car during the winter in case she breaks down on her leather seat.

Angela is very turned on by voyeurism! She fantasized a police officer stopped to see if she was all right he watched her masturbating through the window, his cock twitching in his uniform. She fantasized about him opening the door, rubbing his nightstick on her wet pussy, making her suck off her own juices, then grabs onto her long, sexy legs, ankles pulling her body closer to his, unbuckling, unzipping his pants setting his dick free, the officer began to rub his cock on Angela's slick slit, pushing a few inches inside her snatch! The officer kept his avaviator glasses on the whole time! He wanted her to watch herself cumming hard on his thick dick!!! Angela doesn't care that he fucked her bareback, she's protected, she loves feeling, seeing cum dripping from her freshly fucked cunt! When they both came, he kissed her goodbye, never saw her again.


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