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The Abduction of Trisha Marie

The Abduction of Trisha Marie

By RdnekDaddy


It’s the last day of tenth grade. You rush into my classroom, late as usual, and quickly slide into your desk. Your feet barely touch the ground as you sit. You can’t be 5 feet tall.

TRISHA MARIE…you’re LATE again!” The class murmurs a laugh.

You blush beet red and softly utter, “I-I’m sorry, Mr. Richard.” Every day in class I make up a reason to have you write on the back board…and you KNOW that…and you know WHY…so I can watch that tender, virgin ass wiggle, pulling at the seams of your yoga pants as you write.

“Go to the back board and work the problem I’ve written on it.” I intentionally write the problem so high on the board that you have to stand on your tippy toes to reach it. I like to see those calves flexed and the perfect arch of your feet in your delicate sandals…pretty painted toes. The small of your back is exposed as your shirt slides out of your yoga pants up your tiny waist. Those big titties and tiny nipples stretch the fabric of your low cut pullover as you arch your back.

I imagine my hand wrapped in your long, shiny, jet black hair as I pull your head back and force you to your knees. I SO want to see my cock disappearing into your full lips and round lil face.

“Yes, Sir”…you shrug, roll your eyes and prance that jiggling butt to the board, taking care to look over your shoulder to see if I’m checking out your ass. I am. I thought to myself, “I am SO going to fuck that lil girl’s ass!”

I can’t stop imagining the head of my cock between those glorious ass cheeks, jiggling as you write. At the thought of it, my cock springs to life and I have to pull it out under my desk, so it doesn’t make a wet spot on my Khaki pants. I unconsciously rub the precum that’s already begun oozing out of it across it’s throbbing head and place a finger on either side of it, gently and quickly moving them up and down trying to simulate what it must feel like to be between those two soft mounds of jiggling flesh. You stop writing. The problem has you stumped.

Page 2

You put your finger lengthwise between your lips…hesitate…and twist at the waist to face me, giving me a perfect profile view of that ass…”Mr. Richard, I don’t know what to do next.”

“I gave this problem as an assignment two DAYS ago. If there was something you didn’t understand, you should have asked before NOW! Come to my desk and I’ll explain it to you.”

“Y-y-yes, Sir”

You approach my desk from the side, and, when I turn my chair to face you…there it is…my wet, throbbing cock…exposed…you can’t take your eyes off it.

The whole class knows you’re looking down at my crotch, but you can’t tear your gaze from it. Your face is flush with excitement and your breathing becomes accelerated…you lick your lips and softly sigh. I begin writing on my pad on the corner of my desk, but you can’t take your eyes off my cock.

I pinch your nose HARD, with my fingers still wet with my cum and pull your head down to within INCHES of my pad. Pounding my other index finger on my pad, I scold, ”Look at the PROBLEM, young lady…look at the PROBLEM!!”. When I release my grip on your reddened nose, I can see a thread like string of cum stretching to my finger…and a tiny streak of cum on your nose.

You were surprised to find that I wasn’t solving the problem at all. I had written: “Come see me after your last class and I’ll decide how to punish you for being late and not doing your homework. And you mustn’t tell ANYONE you’re coming to see me.”

You read it quickly and immediately turn back to see my cock. The sight of my cum on your nose made my balls so hot that cum was now running from the head of my dick. The sight of it has your lil pussy burning and my peripheral vision catches you unkowingly rubbing your thighs together, squeezing those fat lips on

Page 3

your soaking wet pussy, trying to rub them on your lil clit. I can see a wet spot forming on your yoga pants, and can’t stop myself from squeezing the fresh, hot cum out my dick with my forefinger…from its base to its head.

The whole class can see you’re staring at my crotch, so I take my fingers, wet with my cum,and pinch your bottom lip HARD, taking care to partially insert part of my cum covered finger into your mouth and pull your head up to make eye contact. I snatch up my pad and thrust it inches from your face…”Do you understand it NOW, young lady??? Do you understand your homework NOWWW??”

Tears are forming in your eyes as you stutter, “Y-y-yes, Sir, I understand my homework now”.

“Then erase the board and back to your seat. NO…move to the FRONT row where I can keep my eye on you!” “Yes, Sir”.

My balls are boiling as I watch your jiggling ass waddle to the board and erase the problem. When you’ve finished, you turn to face me…you make SURE I’m looking at you…and you take your finger and wipe my cum from your nose and lower lip…and slip it into your mouth SLOWLY… and MORE SLOWLY pull it out of those perfect thick lips.

It was at that very moment that I made up my mind…,”I’m not only gonna FUCK that lil girl’s ass…I’m going to KEEP it!” The wet spot on your yoga pants is much larger now, and I can see it from across the room. As you walk towards me taking a seat in the front row, you’re rubbing your thighs together HARD, trying to get relief to your throbbing clit. You slide into your desk and put your books on your lap…slowly spreading your legs to insure I can see that soaking pussy. As I continue to lecture the class, I can’t pull my eyes away from your pussy…you realize this and slowly slide your hand between your legs, under your books. Your


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