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The Best Vacation Ever

Nick and Emily Gordon have been married for two years. They've got good jobs, a German Shepard named, Thor, a beautiful home w a big backyard. Life is perfect, except, they want to start a family. They've been fucking every spare minute of the day, nothing! Doctors say nothing is wrong w either of them.

Emily's boss, Sheila suggested they go on a little vacation, but to go out and do things together, don't have sex, make love when the time is right. Nick loved the idea! A few weeks later they were in Destin, FL. Checking into the hotel, they went to their room, slept a few hours. Their flight was delayed, spending hrs in an airport isn't fun or relaxing. They woke up, went to dinner. The restaurant had entertainment, a young woman sang, she was very talented! After dinner, drinks Emily got a little brave, went to the ladies room, took off her panties, stuck them in her purse, fingered herself enough to get her scent flowing then she joined nick again, asked him to smell her fingers, assuming it was lotion, he sniffed, nick was surprised, but turned on! They left quickly, making it to the alley, Nick was already hard, he unbuttoned his shorts, pulled them down exposing his 7.5 inches to the warm air, Emily grabbed his cock, sucked on it, getting it wet, ready for her cunt! Nick couldn't wait anymore! He lifted Emily's dress, plunging his dick inside his wife! It began to rain, not just a light shower, a downpour, they didn't care, nick and Emily needed this! Nick picked Emily up, her weight on his cock, her tight pussy, squeezing, spanking her perfect ass, nick came, shooting his seed deep in her womb! Emily came with him! Moaning, writhing on his dick! In their haste, Nick forgot to pay! The manager was watching, assumed they're newlyweds, he waited to talk to them when they were done. Embarrassed, but turned on, they went inside to pay and the whole restaurant clapped for them!

The next day they went parasailing, snorkeling. They ran into the singer from the night before on the beach. She introduced herself, Claudia Davis, they shook hands. An hour later they were best friends! Emily and Claudia went to find shells, that's when Claudia told Emily she's a lesbian and she'd love to fuck Emily. Wow! Emily wasn't expecting that! She was flattered! After talking it over w nick, she told her to come to their room at 9p. Emily and her college roommate were lovers, she misses her sometimes. Emily loves her husband very much, but sometimes she craves the tender touch of another woman.

To be continued.


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