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The Book Club Part One...

For the past few months, you've been a regular customer at the restaurant where I was a waitress. After your first visit, you began requesting to be sat at one of my tables, towards the back and away from many of the other diners. You have always been most polite, but firm while speaking with me and placing your orders, and for some reason, I always felt that I was on display and being judged as I stood before you.

As you pay your bill, you ask me if I ever do wait service outside of the restaurant, explaining that you host a weekly book club and would like me to serve your guests. I quickly, maybe too quickly, agree to do the work and you hand me a card with your address on it. You tell me to arrive promptly at 1:30pm to get ready as the club starts it's meeting at 2:00pm. You ask me if I understand and I reply, "Yes". "Yes, Ma'am", you correct me, asking again if I understood. I stammer out, "Y-y-yes Ma'am". You give me a smile and leave. I look at the credit card slip and see that you've given me a tip 100% over the amount of your bill.

I arrived exactly at 1:30pm and before I had finished knocking on the door, you swept the door open and ushered me into your house. You tell me that you are pleased that I arrived on time. In the other room, I could hear the low conversation of a number of women. You lead me into a back bedroom and tell me that my uniform is on the bed. "Put it on and meet me in the kitchen", you instruct me and you leave me to prepare.

I look down on the bed and am shocked at what you were expecting me to wear. A maid's cap, a leather corset, garter and stockings and extremely high heeled shoes. My hand's shook as I took each article of clothing and put them on. Turning to look at myself in the mirror, I saw myself as someone unknown, a stranger with my face. The corset had no cups, so my breasts flowed over the top in full view and no panties meant my young pussy could be seen by all who wanted to look. I turn around and look at my ass, framed by the garter and stockings I wore.

Suddenly, the door swings open. "I thought I told you to come in the kitchen when you finished dressing, not stand there admiring yourself in my mirror. Get over here!" Your words were firm, but not loud. The tone was more than enough for me to know I had displeased you. I cross the room to you and you inform me that due to my lack of respect for your wishes, there was one more item that I was to wear, to teach me my place in your household.

Moving to a bureau, you reach in and pull out two items. One looks like a long animal tail and the other I can't see. You order me to bend over and lay on the bed. I hesitate and you move quickly, giving me a firm slap on my ass with your bare hand. I yelp at the pain but realize I had better do as you've ordered. Lying face down on the bed with my feet on the floor, I feel you spread my asscheeks wide. My face reddens at being exposed like this. Then I jump again when I feel you slide a finger, covered with lube, up my tender young asshole.

In and out of my ass you move your finger until I relax and take it with ease. I begin to moan and push back at your finger, desiring nothing more than to be finger fucked by you. "Do you like that?", you ask. "Yes, Ma'am". "Then you will really enjoy this."

You pull your finger out of my ass and I instantly miss its penetration. Suddenly, it's replaced by the cool feel of metal as you start to insert a butt plug inside of me. I squeal with a combination of pain and pleasure as you ass fuck me with it. Finally, you push it completely up my ass and order me to stand and go to the mirror. I walk slowly, the metal plug moving inside my ass as I walk. I look in the mirror and see that attached to the butt plug is a long animal tail. I instantly know that I am now your pet, here to serve you however you wish.

You order me to follow you as you walk down the hallway to introduce me to your book club.

Part 2 to come...


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