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The Dinner Date

We've been planning this for weeks because Catherine wants to cum in public. We've done our homework and eaten at a variety of restaurants and bars looking for the ideal situation, and three days ago we found our perfect location in a little Italian spot named Manny's. It's on a fairly quiet street with old gas lanterns lighting the cobblestone streets. The warm glow of the flames in the lamps only reminds us of our inner burning. The front of the building has three cute little metal tables with pure white tablecloths and that pureness mocks our intentions, but that just adds to the anticipation.

Inside, it's dimly lit with those same gas lanterns and candles on every table. The dining area is split into a few different rooms with little nooks and cubbies scattered around on the walls. One room, aptly named La Tua Passione, has three booths along the back wall and one round table in the center of the room with two chairs directly across from each other. Sounds of a serenade filter in from the nearby rooms into this haven of sensuality and mystery. When we ate there the first time there was only one other couple in the room with us and they were oblivious to us enviously watching them fulfill our desires. We checked the booth after they left and it was so wet that Catherine nearly killed me tearing my clothes off when we got home that night.

That was then. This is now...there is only one other person in the La Tua Passione tonight. She has jet black hair, a beautiful purple satin dress, and some of the fiercest eyes I've ever seen. She nods to me as I pull out the chair for Catherine. It seems she has an appreciation for a gentleman. I like that. I turn my attention to Catherine and push her chair in before taking my place across the table. I place our orders and as the waiter walks away I pull out a little circular remote and set it on the table next to my fork and turn it on.

"Grazie," I say quietly with a nod as the waiter sets a plate of Chorizo linguini in front of a noticeably red faced Catherine. The spicy sausage cliché isn't lost on the waiter as he winks at me and pats me on the shoulder as he walks by. I fiddle absently with the remote as I stare into her eyes. "What do you think of the Chorizo, dear?" I ask quietly.

"It's..." she takes a deep breath and exhales slowly. "It smells wonderful Sir." she breaths.

"Why don't you try some?" I ordered it special tonight because I know you wanted to try it so badly."

"Yes Sir," she says as she obediently picks up a fork with her dainty hand and spears a piece of the sausage. As the fork sinks into the meat, I turn the dial one click to the right. Catherine gasps and her breasts heave in her low cut, red dress. I can see her rock hard nipples standing out of the dress, and I back the dial down one notch.

"Go on then, try it!" I say with a devious smile. She opens her perfect lips and slowly, carefully, seductively inserts the sausage into her mouth and moans with pleasure as I turn the dial back up one notch. "Now, now can't be THAT good, can it?"

"Yes Sir, it is." she said with a happy smile.

I leave the dial where it is as we set to savoring this wonderful meal. Soon, our waiter comes back and asks us if everything is satisfactory. I politely nod towards Catherine and ask her to tell the waiter what she thinks of her dish. As the waiter turns to her and she opens her mouth to answer him, I turn the dial up three notches.

"The meal is...." she convulses briefly and continues with a shaky, hoarse voice, "amazing. My compliments to the chef."

"As you wish, Signora." he says as he clears away a few platters and pours us some more wine. "You look warm, Signora. May I offer you a chilled Traminer?" he asks with a quirk of a smile on his lips. "It has powerful notes of rose, and is incredibly sweet just like yourself if I may be so bold as to say." With that I turn the dial up another two notches.

"Ohhh my God, yes!" Catherine gasped as she grabbed the edge of the table and swallowed visibly. She could barely keep the shake out of her voice as she said, "Yes, Signore. That would be a wonderful addition to our little piece of heaven."

"It is, without doubt, my pleasure, Signora." he said as he turned smartly on his heel and walked out to fetch the intended liquid bliss.

We continue to nibble on our dishes and between her gasps I can hear a gentle buzzing from underneath the table. The poor girl is having a hard time sitting still now. I can see her rocking her pelvis back and forth to get her g-spot on the remote controlled vibrator that we put in her pussy before we left my flat. "Now, now Catherine. Don't get too excited yet, we haven't even had dessert!" I chide her gently as I turn the dial back a couple notches.

"Yes Sir, I'm sorry Sir." she said blushing as she returns to her sausage, which I notice she seems to be eating quite aggressively.

The wine is delicious, of course, but the best treat is yet to come. I order some Tiramisu for myself and a chocolate lava cake for my shaking, red faced paramour. Her breath is coming in ragged gasps as the waiter sets the cake in front of her. "Signora?" he asks quietly. "Are you well?"

"Yes, quite all right, Signore." she breathed. "I've just been waiting for this for a very, very long time."

"It truly seems like you are dining in the appropriate room my friends," he said with a smile. "I am beyond pleased that you are enjoying your time here with us."

She is staring at her cake with unblinking eyes. I can tell her body is starting to run away from her, so I back the dial off a few notches. "There, there, dear. Please, enjoy the cake before we go any further." She inhales a long deep breath and begins to exhale and cut into the cake. As the chocolate oozes out and I turned the dial all the way up.

"Ohhhhhhmmmmmmgooooood....."she moaned a little too loudly. "Just...wait..not so hard..." She's starting to make that cute little whimpering sound that she makes right before she cums."

"Dearest," I say whisper as I lean towards her over the table, "You are not allowed to cum until you have politely finished your cake."

"Yes S..Sir." she whined. It takes her about five sweet minutes of twitching, convulsing bliss to finish the dessert.

As she puts the last bite into her mouth I lean back and nod, "Good girl, how is the volcano?"

There is a squirting, gushing sound under the table accompanied by an almost feral moan escaping from behind Catherine's trembling, red lips as her hands clench the tablecloth in white knuckled fists. "'s del..licious..S...Sir!!"

I can see that if I keep this up, I will most likely need to carry her out of the restaurant, so I turn the remote off, In her euphoria she's actually pulled her dress down to reveal one of her blushing ample breasts. "Ahem, dear..." I raise an eyebrow and nod to her perfect, hard nipple.

"I'm sorry Sir." she says as she hurriedly tucks her bosom away.

I pay the bill and thank our gracious waiter and spare a glance for the booths. The sultry looking woman is staring with wide, dark, unblinking eyes. Her stare roves back and forth between the dripping chair and Catherine's obviously wet ass. She flicks her gaze up to mine and licks her lips in a way that gives me goosebumps.

We exit La Tua Passione and the restaurant onto the dimly lit street to begin the slow, intimate walk home. Just for fun I start fiddling with the dial in my pocket again.

Sincerely, YouShouldAsk


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