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The Factory

She presented herself at the empty factory as ordered.

The master told her to remove her clothes, once she was down to her bra and pants he signalled for her to pause and walk up and down the room

When he was ready he told her to take off her bra.

He sucked her nipples until they were painfully stiff.

She was ordered to open his bag and bring 2 pegs, these where put on her nipples and she was told to bounce her breasts so they bit

Her fear increased when he told her to get his surgical gloves and lube -what had he in mind ?

Mmm fuck knows but she is sure she going to find out lbiting her bottom lip in nantispation and fear showing her face. All the while seeing that mischievous smirk on her Masters face. She knew when he had that smile on his face that he had something perverted in mind.

She is ordered to remove her panties and lie on the table where he sits down, he starts to lap at her clit making her moan, just as she builds towards climax he stops and puts on the gloves.

They are lubed then she is told to hold her pussy wide open.

His full hand is forced up her until only his wrist is visable.

This once a totally new experience for her as she had never been fisted before. It was a pain that she couldn't put into words. In her mind she was telling herself to relax as he.....

After what seemed ages he removed his hand and ordered her to bend exposing her bum.

He reaches into his bag and produces some anal beads which he lubricates

They are slowly inserted in her arse until she can't believe how many there are.

More pegs are placed on her clit and pussy lips and he laughs at her humiliation.

Bent over the table she hears him laughing, she has never been this humiliated before but she is determined not to let him see how he is getting to her, not let him see the tears that welling up in her eyes as he mocks her saying how do you feel now my little slut she doesn't answer which results in a hard slap to her ass she let's out a scream but at the same time the sensation of the balls in her ass gets her aroused hope that he is going to do it again.

He continues to slap her arse until i'ts turned purple , she can feel his erection in his pants,she hopes he fucks her soon, it might calm him down.

But no , he produces a riding crop and tells her to kiss the cruel item.

She nearly wets herself with fear but at the same time is aroused.

She does as she is bid not wanting to disobey. He then proceeds walk towards the back of the table, feeling the riding crop being slowly and gently drawn down her back stopping at her already sore ass. Teasing gently with the crop and then all of a sudden she hear the crop whooshing the through the air and come down her her ass with a stinging pain making a welt on her already tender back side she let's out a scream and wrote

He can see how aroused she is from her sweet juices running down her inner thighs. He inserts two fingers inside her. Slowly rethmeticaly stroking her her mmm he thinks now she is reading to take my rock solid rod and fuck her hard harder than she has ever been fucked before.

He fills her with his seed and they lie together on the bed.

They both know she is his slave to be loved and protected .

When she goes out with friends he chooses the most revealing clothes for her to make sure men flirt with her , she knows all the time he does it as an excuse to punish her when she returns.

She does it with pleasure for she knows that this how they both want it. That need to feel that they truly belong to each other.


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