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The First Time

Callie Roads is fed up with being a virgin! She's 20! Most women her age have had sex w three or more partners! Callie's best friend, Amanda is the only person who knows she hasn't lost her V-card yet. Callie isn't a prude, she just wants it to be w someone she cares about.

Now, this is where it gets interesting...Callie and Amanda's brother, Jeff has always been good friends. When Callie's parents would fight, she'd be at their house. Jeff feels protective over Callie, like she's another sister, but lately, his feelings towards her haven't been so brotherly.

They were drinking around the firepit when Jeff overheard Amanda had someone in mind for Callie to have sex with. He was coming back w more beer for them. After they went back inside, Jeff opened up to Amanda about liking Callie. He told her he wants to be the one who makes love with Callie. Amanda smiled, she said, she was hoping he'd say that! Callie told Amanda that she'd like her first time to be w someone like Jeff, then she realized she's in love with him!

A few days later, the girls went shopping for a new outfit for Callie to wear on her mystery date. Amanda hasn't told her it's Jeff yet. They went to Victoria's Secret first, Callie picked out a black lace bra/panty set, perfume. Then they went to look for a sexy black dress and fuck me heels! Before leaving the mall, they also bought some make up from Ulta. Jeff gave Amanda his credit card, told her to use it for whatever they bought, lunch included.

Callie kept asking Amanda to give her hints about who it is, but she refused. The rest of the week went by slowly. The anticipation was killing her! Friday Callie was floating all day! She couldn't believe tonight was the night!

Jeff typed a letter, had it delivered through Amanda, it said a car would pick her up at 6:45p and take her to the restaurant. A black limo took her to downtown Atlanta to best seafood place in three counties, Triton. Walking in, she told the host her name, said the other party should be here already. The host walked her to the secluded part of the restaurant where she saw Jeff waiting for her! Seeing Callie took his breath away! She is stunning! He asked if she's disappointed it's him, Callie shook her head no, kissed him. She said, I've loved you for years! When my parents fighting upset me you were so kind to me, I remember crying on your shoulders when Amanda was at sleep away cheer camp. Jeff took Callie's hand, kissed it, told her he'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Dinner was delicious! Callie ordered scallops, steak, Jeff had lobster and steak. The house salad and dressing was amazing, the breadsticks melted in their mouths. After dinner they walked down the block to a cute icecream shop, Callie ordered two scoops of mint chip, Jeff wanted choc w peanut butter swirl. They ate their sweet treat, then the driver took them to the Omni, a luxury hotel, the best the city has to offer. Callie was awestruck! It was so beautiful! She couldn't believe Jeff did all this for her!

When they were alone finally, Callie kissed Jeff so hard, it left them both breathless. Jeff held out his hand, asked her to dance, pushed play on the stereo remote that was in his pocket, the song, At Last played softly. Callie blushed, Jeff took his suit jacket off. Callie wasn't nervous, she was ready, mentally, physically, emotionally. Jeff finished undressing, when Callie saw his cock, she blushed again, Jeff thought it was cute. He took his time undressing Callie, taking the whole experience in, her scent, her sexy body. Now they were both naked, kissing on the plush king size bed. Jeff stopped, asked if she's sure? He's a gentleman, he'd never rush into sex w her or anyone. Callie kissed him tenderly, looked him in his eyes, asked him to make love to her.

Jeff kissed his way down her body, Callie cooed in pleasure when he reached her pussy! He opened her delicate flower, lightly licked, sucked on her clit, Callie pushed his face deeper in her sex, he wanted her cum in his mouth! Callie moaned, arched her back, squirted! Wow was all either of them could say! Jeff's cock was hard, leaking, he was ready. Before another word was uttered, Callie pushed Jeff back onto the bed, straddled him, grabbed his cock and rubbed it against her pussy. Then she pushed a few inches inside her tight pussy, til his whole 8inch dick was inside her! There was a slight pain, but she trusts Jeff. Letting her get used to it, he fondled her perky 38C tits, sucked on her nipples. Callie began to make love to Jeff, she liked being in control. Thrust after thrust, faster and faster they came together. It was amazing!!!

Jeff kissed Callie's forehead, told her he loves her, she said I love you too! Falling asleep til morning. Jeff woke up first, he ordered breakfast, a bottle of Tylenol, send housekeeping up here w clean sheets as well plz.


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