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The Four Seasons

Part one

I waited anxiously by the elevator, pushing the ‘up’ button incessantly until I finally heard a ding. The doors slid open, and my date for the evening was already waiting in the chamber. She gestured for me to enter, pressed the doors closed, and directed our ascent to the twenty-third floor.

Before the date, we had already established some preferences and limitations, although our preferences were already remarkably aligned and unbounded. She told me that she wanted obedience. I told her that I wanted to do whatever she wanted, because all I wanted was her. She wanted obedience and I offered omnipotence. Her veiled intentions drew nearer, and a pit of dread began to take hold of my stomach.

This was my first date with a highly mercurial mistress, and she was both strikingly beautiful and stoic in demeanor. Pale and slender, yet notably fit and commanding, standing just a few inches taller than me, She wore a long black coat with the top button left unfastened over a short black dress. My lusting eyes fixated on her cleavage. She instantly detected my sinful gaze, approached me very closely, and placed a finger under my chin. She forced direct eye contact and gently warned me for this rather mild transgression.

Without breaking eye contact, she dropped her finger from my chin, down my neck, and lightly traced down my chest. She pressed on my sternum and continued to walk towards me until back was pressed against the elevator wall. She noted that she could feel my heart racing in her fingertip, and her finger traced down my stomach, and down to my hipbone. She then placed her other hand on the opposite hip, and with both hands she shoved me back against the wall.

I gasped from her push, and I instinctively lifted my hands and placed them over hers. I craved the feeling of her soft skin under my rough palms, but the touch only lasted a moment. She brusquely grabbed my tiny wrists and pinned them hard over my head. She pushed her hips into me, her body firmly pinned me to the wall.

My knees were already starting to buckle, and she had me speechless from the moment she fixed the stare. My body relaxed under her weight, and I let my head roll to one side to break the eye contact. She snarled at the sight of my exposed neck, and she opened her mouth and took a bite. She pressed hard with her teeth, her tongue tracing circles on my skin. Then she started sucking, continuing to sink her teeth as her primal force took hold. I melted into her body and started moaning. I was writhing in the intensity, and her force held me on the wall.

Her carnivorous kisses on my neck had me nearly shaking. Then we heard a ding. She let go of my wrists and told me that this was our stop. She picked up a black duffel bag off the floor and began to exit. She looked back over her shoulder and told me to follow.

Part two

I watched her entrancing figure round the corner. I took a deep breath and followed her down the corridor. I stayed a few paces behind, and she never turned around. She already knew I was right behind her. She stopped short in front of one of the rooms, unlocked the door, and told me to come in.

My heart was still pounding from the elevator ride, but now all I could think about were the contents of her mysterious black duffel. I hate surprises and have an immense fear of the unknown, but I didn’t dare to inquire. This woman had my submission in a vice long before we even arranged this first date, and standing alone with her in this hotel room, I was truly at a loss for words.

She set the bag on top of the bureau and told me to undress. I had prepared myself for whatever she had in mind, and I quickly stripped. I stood naked and bare, patiently waiting for my next instruction. Once exposed, my nipples grew erect and goosebumps covered my skin. She glanced over at me, chuckled, and said that I looked cute all nervous and shivering. She went back to rummaging in her duffel and told me that I could sit on the bed if I wanted. I perched myself on the edge of the bed, my arms and legs crossed, feeling extremely vulnerable. I waited silently.

Her back was towards me as I watched her dig around, and I could hear some items shifting. Finally she turned to me holding a thick black rope. I stared at the rope and swallowed hard. It was frayed and coarse, like a utility rope from a hardware store. She saw my fear and gently reminded me that there was nothing to be afraid of anymore. She was here to hurt me.

She shoved hard on my shoulder, and I fell backwards onto the bed. She called me a weak desperate slut and told me to roll over and put my hands behind my back. I knew she was going to hurt me, but I didn't know her plans. Despite her reassurance that I should expect pain, she had not assuaged my terror. I did what I was told and rolled over.

She grabbed my wrists and skillfully bound them quickly and tightly. I flinched when she tightened the knots, and abrasions were already forming on my skin. She smirked and told me that rope burns are among the least painful marks that I should anticipate.

I was feeling so vulnerable with my hands bound, and I started pathetically protesting that I didn't want her to hurt me too badly. I begged and whimpered, and I even tried to evoke some mercy when I desperately reminded her that it was just our first date. Her smirk faded and she just turned away from me and went back to her tool kit. I was a whimpering mess, squirming and whining on the hotel bed. She returned quickly with a ruthless ball gag and a spiked collar.

She grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. She licked my earlobe and bit down hard, and then whispered in my ear, "You're going to be a good girl for me tonight, just like you promised." Before I could even gasp, she crammed the thick ball gag into my open mouth. I looked at her and nodded that I understood.

Part three

She stroked my cheek softly after I had conveyed to her that I was going to be a good girl. I nestled my cheek into her touch, and when I did, she giggled and pulled her hand back. She grabbed the spiked collar and fastened it tightly around my neck. She stroked my back softly and in her sweet voice she said, "I know, you are such a sweet girl, but frankly I don't trust you to not run away. I hope you understand." I nodded, and she told me to sit still for a moment while she returned to the duffel bag again.

She came back over to the bed with a metal chain, and after a closer look, I realized it was a dog chain. She fastened it to my collar and told me to follow to the bathroom. I didn't have much of a choice, as she was already dragging me by the throat. She folded over much of the chain in her hand giving me a very short leash, and she forcefully directed me to the edge of the bathtub.

She turned the faucet and cold water rushed into the tub. While the freezing water filled the tub, she calmly explained to me that she knows I am a good girl, but that she was very disappointed in me. Cold droplets splashed onto my back while I listened, and again I nodded. I knew I made her chase down my submission. Now that she finally had it, she wanted to make me pay.

Once the tub was about one third filled, she told me to get in. She gave my leash a sharp tug, and I reluctantly stepped into the icy water. My hands were tied behind my back, but she told me that she wanted me lying on my back with my bound hands tucked under my ass. It was challenging to attain the position, but she watched patiently amused while I struggled. The rope chafed my wrists but I finally got my hands where she wanted. I was stuck in a kind of folded position from the way my arms pressed on the back of my thighs. She looked at my pathetic and freezing bent body and noted that I was doing great.

The Four Seasons has excellent water pressure, and the water was still filling the tub. Still holding my leash, she slid me on my back towards the faucet. I kept my head up out of the water, and she told me to stay still because the tub filling fast. She wasn't ready for me to drown just yet. She grabbed my ankles and pulled them up over the faucet and told me not to move and leave them crossed. She took the loose ends of the rope from my now tingling hands and quickly fastened it around my ankles and the faucet. My contorted body was positioned under the icy stream.

She pushed me forward so the freezing water was pounding directly onto my cunt. The freezing rush took over my whole body, but the gag muffled all my screams. She told me that I had two ways out of this mess. She told me I could either cum for her, or I could drown. I shot her a death stare, and all she said was, "I know baby, it's a really tough choice, but I'm leaving it up to you."

She tucked my hair behind my ear and called me her sweet girl, and she encouraged me to do the right thing. The freezing water ran continuous pressure on my aching cunt, and right before the water reached my mouth, I gave her my painful tortured orgasm. I stopped shaking and caught my breath, and she let the tub drain and turned the faucet to run warm. As she unbound my ankles, she finally told me that she was proud.


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