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The Gift

The holidays were approaching, and you told me that you wanted to get me a present. I'm very impatient and tend to dislike surprises, but you know that. As soon as you mentioned a gift, my mind started whirring with ideas. I tried to guess exactly what you had planned for me, and you were sure to answer every single question with the same presidential reply. All you said was that you would neither confirm nor deny. Witholding information, especially when it pertains to me directly, drives me insane. I obsessed for weeks about the special gift you had planned for me.

Meanwhile, to occupy my hands, I decided to work on a craft project to give you. I still had no idea what you were planning for me, but I still wanted to make you something special anyways. I needed to keep my idle hands busy, and I also wanted to make you something so special that you wouldn't be able to buy it in a store. I also know that labor-intensive highly personalized gifts were your preference, as you would readily reject anything to which you could assign monetary value.

I thought hard about what to make you, and I finally decided on the perfect gift. I was going to knit and stuff a doll for you. Not just any doll though, I was going to make you a voodoo doll. I gave a lot of thought to how exactly I wanted this doll to look. It's a voodoo doll, and I knew you were going to love pushing pins into every part of its plush body. So I really had to consider the appearance of this doll that I was making, with the hopes that you would enjoy destroying it.

I thought about making it look like you, as some kind of sick joke. I decided against that though, because I didn't know who you would want to punish more, me or the doll. I also thought about making it look like me, because that would bring you endless joy, sticking pins into my lifeless stuffed twin. But I figured you already stick enough pins into my real life body. I also have a mild fear of the dark arts, so I decided against making a voodoo replica of myself, just in case.

Finally I decided to knit a faceless, curveless, most inanimate kind of doll using only black yarn. I thought that there was nothing that would overtly enrage you, and it was also so drab and ugly that I had no doubt that you would just love stabbing it. It didn't take me very long to craft such a simple doll, but I was proud of my handiwork and very excited to give it to you.

Christmas rolled around and you and I had already planned to celebrate together and then exchange gifts. For our christmas celebration, you took me out to a really nice restaurant. I was thrilled to be among such high society, and I interrogated the sommelier for a solid fifteen minutes, for no other reason than that the restaurant had one on the staff. That was extremely fun for me, both because I know you hate small talk and because I don't even like wine. We finally finished dinner together, and as we exited the restaurant you took me by the hand.

You told me that the gift you had planned for me was a couple's appointment at the piercing place just a few blocks away. You knew I love body piercings, and you had arranged for us to get matching cunt piercings, officially labeled as christina piercings. You knew me so well. I gave you a big hug and I was so excited to pick out a gem to wear daily, one that would match yours. I love piercings, in part because they look cool, but mostly for the experience of the actual needle piercing my skin. I've had many piercings over the years, but I only have one that is still open. Until that night with you. We walked to the parlor, and we picked out our jewelry. You went first, while I watched intently. Then I went second. I asked you to hold my hand during, and you did, and we both shuddered in unison when the large guage needle pierced straight through my hood.

You gave me such an awesome gift, and so thoughtful too. My cunt was a bit sore and aching, but in a good way that I relished. Once we got home, I couldn't wait to give you your gift. I had left the doll on the window sill, neatly wrapped and topped with a bow. We walked in the door, and I actually rubbed my eyes twice because I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Your voodoo doll was already unwrapped and resting listlessly on top of its open box. Two small pins were sticking out of her cunt.


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