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The house mom. Prelude

What follows is my journey into sexual servitude as the house mom of a well known sorority house. For obvious purposes, the name and location will be altered although anyone with a detective's eye will be able to piece together the details. I have been instructed to post this blog of my service at the direction of Mistress Caroline, the current Vice President of House Services. This blog is to be used for entertainment and of course, humiliation of this subbie mom.

My journey into being a house slave started innocently enough. Desparate for a job that could be handled by a recently single, mom of four, I applied for the position of house mom at the OSM (omega sigma mu) house. It is a large sorority, well endowed in financial, political and physical aspects. Raising four children gave me an obvious advantage and I was hired. The sister who I was to call Mistress Caroline , was in charge of the house operations and a lovely specimen of a young women. I was immediately attracted to her and started to sense that she could easily and readily control my life. The duties, hours and pay were perfect for my situation and I relished at the hiring.

Since the sorority had such a national prominence and university wide status , I was required to expose my Facebook and other social media outlets to review and monitoring given some unfavorable episodes of scandal. What I didnot know and could not even imagine was that Ms C was also aware of my covert Fetlife membership where I had been a member for several years in hopes of meeting like minded people and exploring my submissive needs.

It was not very hard to piece together, given my lack of Internet experience and my reckless abandonment of privacy concerns in the hopes of linking up with a Master. This would be the insurer of my employment but also the information that would lead to my sexual and domestic slavery.



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