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The Longest Week ever...

His wife, a flight attendant, had just returned from a long week at work. She sensually removed her uniform, high heels, black stockings, bra and panties in front of him. Now she was wearing only the key to his cock-cage that hung on a chain and dangled between her large breasts.
He undressed and quickly became fully engorged inside his stainless steel cock cage; throbbing!! Wasting no time he began to lick, suck and completely devour her entire body, focusing mostly on her tight pink pussy. She had suggested earlier that the quality of his work may result in his release and pleasure. Leaving nothing to risk, he put every last drop of effort into providing her the best orgasm he could muster. She moaned with "Ahhhhhs" and "Ohhhhhs". Eventually her back arched, her toes curled and her eyes nearly rolled to the back of her head... Ohhhhhhh, YESSSSS!!! She screamed! Then, exhausted from work and the immense pleasure of her orgasm, she whispered in his ear, "I'll have to give you what you need in the morning" and quickly fell asleep. Being distraught with disappointment, yet still hopefully anxious for his reward in the morning, he snuggled his naked body against hers trying to imagine what it would feel like uncaged.
Enduring restless sleep all night from the pain in his wanting cock, then only to wake in the morning to find a note on her pillow that read, "Great work last night! Sorry you're asleep for your reward -- you can try again next weekend". He looked around the room--her bags were gone, and so was she.


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