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The Massage

I grew up in a small family. After losing my parents at a very young age my grandparents took care of me. Nancy,my grandma was a 65 yr old lady with a nice attitude and a better body than any other 65yr old had. Her bosoms were stillin good form regardless the way it was used. Her butt had a nice round shape. She had some secret that kept it that way. She was not that granny who farted around in the house. I used to hear moaning and screaming from her room daily while i was young. After her husband died she also settled down for a peaceful life.
Once while roaming around the house i found grannys room locked from inside. She never locks the door unless she is using the toilet. The door was shut for a long time so i decided to open it. Nancy was not a person who pooped for long or sat on the toilet for more than 5 minutes. I opened the door and found nancy on the bed wearing a G-string with her ass facing the sky. I have seen nancy naked many times so it was not a problem for me to see her like that. Hey son, what happened, i was just getting my monthly massage done dont panic said nancy. You get a massage?? So is that what keeps you fit like that. I couldn't help. Staring at her huge butt and thighs. Yeah man,wanna try? She asked. Not now but sometime later granma i said and walked away so that i could hide my huge erection.
Later that day i saw nancy in the kitchen. I could not stop. Picturing her in that g-string. I went close to. Her and grabbed her butt cheek. She turned around in shock and saw me. Oh god, you gave me a heart attack son, whats up? Nothing granny, all fine i said. I know you are still thinking about the massage, its okay kid i have made many men think a lot, she winked and walked away. Dont look at your granny like that son, its not good, she said while Walking away. I have seen enough granma and theres no need to look at your tushie anymore i replied.


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