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The Secret of Miss Jones Chapter 4

Chapter 4

She looked at me once again with anticipation and fear. She put the manacles on. I showed her a hook on a beam in the ceiling. I rolled the bench over so she could climb it and put the middle of the link on the hook. I then slowly rolled the bench away and caught her legs. I gave her pussy a licking while holding her up so she wouldn’t notice that she was at least three feet off the ground. I let her hang there for a bit until I was ready for the next step. I grabbed a simple little pointing stick. I then went over and grabbed the lowest piece of tape I could find. Duct tape is no different than to theirs when it comes to the adhesive side to it. If it get wet it peels like any other. I grabbed a lose piece and pulled it off in one quick stroke.

“Owww” she screamed as the tape left a huge red mark just above her belly. I went over to her and grabbed another loose piece of tape and pulled it off leaving another nice red mark on her body. I grabbed the pointer and lightly tapped her. She jumped in pain. I then slapped her with only a little bit harder.

“If only your employees could see you know,” I told her as I poked her marks. She winced but stayed silent.

“Please Tony, don't tell, I'll be your fuck toy, I'll pleasure you... I'll...”

“You are already my little fuck toy. And if I want to share you with my co-workers then you'll fuck them and smile while doing it,”

“Yes sir,” she moaned as I ripped off the tape just below her nipple. She screamed and moaned as the juices flowed from her pussy down her leg. She was breathing hard and heavy to the point of hyper ventilating as the piece covering her nipples was ripped off. She screamed louder than before as I took the pointer and slapped the red marks. I focused my blows on her red marked tits, she trembled with each blow.

“You’re just the company slut aren’t you Miss Jones?”

“Yes” she whimpered.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, I’m the company slut.”

“And what are your duties as the company slut?” I asked her. She looked at me with a puzzled expression on her face. “Your job is to keep company morale up, and how can you best do that?”

“By sucking cock?” she asked me a mix of shame and excitement in her eyes.

“So if I tell you to suck cock on an elevator, masturbate in a men's room stall or have a gangbang in the loading dock what do you say?”

“Yes sir,” she said. I smacked her tits hard with the pointer.

“Yes sir, with pleasure sir, I live only to service cock, because I'm the company slut,” Tears flowed down her face as she complied saying every humiliating word.

“Yes sir,” she said as I smacked her thighs. “With pleasure sir,” I smacked her pussy. “I ive only to service cock,” I smacked her ass. “B..beca..because I'm the company slut.” I smacked her tits.

“Say it again, without hesitation this time.”

“Y-yes sir,” I smacked her thighs again. “With pleasure sir,” I slapped her pussy. “Ow, I mean I live only to service cock,” I smacked her ass. “Because I'm the company slut.

“Again you'll learn to say it without hesitation,” Finally after five tries she finally said it right. “Now Miss Jones do you want to suck my cock?” She looked at me, shame and guilt all over her face.

“Yes sir,”

“And do you want to swallow all my cum?”

“With pleasure sir,” she said with a little smile.

“And then put it up your ass,”

“I live only to service cock,”

“Really why is that?”

“Because I'm the company slut,” I smiled and unlocked the manacles. She fell to her knees and massaged her wrists.

“That's right little slut, you may suck it”

“Thank you sir,” she said smiling as she put her lips around my raging hard on.

“Good slut, suck my cock,” She complied rolling her tongue around my Johnson. Her obedient tongue licking the shaft while her mouth sucked me off. I grabbed her hair and started roughly fucking her throat. I grabbed her head and held my cock down her throat watching her eyes fog up. Her tongue still licking under my shaft. I waited a couple more seconds before letting her go and pulling out of her throat. I let her breathe a little more and than rammed my cock down her throat again. I fondled her breasts while I fucked her throat. I shot a load of my salty goodness down her throat. “Now do you want it hard and rough up your ass?”

“Yes sir” she said as she caught her breath,

“Then stick out your ass,” I ordered slapping her ass hard.

“With pleasure sir,” she purred shaking her ass in the general direction of my cock. “I live only to service cock, because I'm the company slut,” Seeing her succumb to her guilty pleasure was giving me a super hard on, but I wanted more. I wanted her to whine and to beg, to plead for more. So I took the head of my cock and just started brushing it against her pussy lips, she gasped as she could feel it rubbing against her then I stopped.

“Do you want more? I asked her.

“Please sir,” she replied. I walked around back to her mouth.

“Stick your tongue out,” I ordered her, she kept her eyes on my throbbing cock.

“With pleasure sir,” she stuck out her tongue and I slapped my cock all over it.

“Yeah, your a good little fuck toy Miss Jones,” I told her as I grabbed her head and directed it up and down my cock.

“I, lv, only to, srv cock” she mumbled as I rubbed my cock all over her face and lips. I pulled away and took the head of my cock and rubbed again against her pussy lips teasing them some more and once again pulling back, then I teased her again partially inserting the head. She squeaked with joy, then roughly I pulled it out and walked over to her lips. She responded by opening her mouth quickly and I allowed her to lick and suck the head again.

I spent close to an hour playing this cruel game with her, every time just inserting a little bit more into her pussy and pulling out and having her clean me off. When I finally got to the point where I was halfway in, I would fuck her for a few minutes, pull out of her, have her clean me, than repeat. As I continued my sexual torture, she kept saying the same four phrases over and over again. Her eyes glazed over as I would increase the time I spent fucking her by one or two minutes, her mouth hungrily sucked my cock when I presented it to her. The perverted mantra continuing in her head. I ordered her to keep saying it threatening to stop our game if she didn't. I could tell that she was on the brink of frustration, that I could invite the neighbourhood to fuck her and she wouldn't resist. But I was enjoying it too much to stop. In the course of one day I had turned her into an obedient little super slut. I took my belt and smacked her ass a few more times. Her body covered in red marks. The juices from her pussy running down her leg as I spanked her.


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