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The Secret of Miss Jones Chapter 5

“Now get dressed and drive home” She lowered her head but went and got her clothes and slowly got dressed. “Now Miss Jones I want you to stop at a sex shop and ask for an online egg. This way your friends and family will help you get off,” She looked at me with fear in her eyes but knowing it was a waste of time questioning me. I knew from research that closest shop was about 20 minutes away from here. I would give her 30 minutes before phoning her. The device in question was a bit expensive but she could handle it one way or another. It was a special vibrator that can be plugged into her computer. The device could be set off by anything and I had plans for her when she was at her desk. I sat back and waited until I was sure she was at the video store and then I called her. I imagined the embarrassing ring tone going off as she was at the store asking about the egg. Her voice begging me to letting me lick her assistants pussy while getting fucked in the ass by her male employees. It rang three times before she answered.

“H.. hello Master your slut slave is ready for cock,”

“Are you buying the egg?”

“Yes sir,” she replied. I could hear her breathing, getting more and more anxious.

“Should we play a guessing game?” I asked her.

“O, Ok she replied,” I listened on the phone as I started feeling my cock stiffen.

“If he is wearing a black shirt ask to suck his cock, a white shirt ask for him to show you personally how it works. If the the shirt is black and white offer to suck his cock while he shows you how it works, any other colour just thank him, show him your tits and walk out” I waited by the phone my body getting tense waiting for an answer.

“Thank you,” I then heard what sounded like a box or three falling. “He was wearing a blue and red shirt Master,” she told me as she exited the store. I sent her an e-mail telling her that for now on she was going to work on her computer with the egg in her pussy. Then set it to go off every time she gets e-mail, spam or someone wants to chat with her. After I finished typing I called her receptionist Heather and told her that we were going to have some fun with Miss Jones tomorrow and I could feel her smile on the other end. The truth was not that many people liked Miss Jones as she was a bitchy little back stabber.

Miss Jones came to work the next day to find me sitting on the couch in her office her assistant's mouth around my cock. I had her dressed in leather, like a donnamatrix. She was wearing a red leather bustier and red panties with matching stockings and boots. However so there was no confusion to as who was in charge I also had her wearing a blindfold She looked at the receptionist who had let me into her office and was now dressed like a slut. Normally she was a mousy brunette, with lovely B cup tits and a firm little ass. Very unassuming when she's not hacking into her bosses private accounts.

“Hello Miss Jones, you've already met Heather,” She nodded never believing that Heather would betray her. “Heather will be your mistress when I go on vacation, now come here you horny little bitch in heat,” Miss Jones might not have understood Heather's presence but she knew to obey my orders. She got on her knees without being told.

“My Master,” she said with some strain, “tells us that you're really a submissive little bitch is this true?”

“If its true strip, get naked right now,” she whimpered a little but started to undress as I redirected Heather to my cock. “You see Miss Jones, a lot of us here really don't like you, so Heather has agreed here to me my slave also as long as she can have the occasional piece of you,” Miss Jones just nodded as she continued stripping while Heather was inhaling my cock. “Now come here and show me your ass,” she did as I commanded. I showed her a lovely little tail I picked out for her to wear. “Since you act like such a bitch I'm going to decorate you like one.” I grabbed her ass and slowly started working the tail in her. “Now you are going to wear this until I tell you that you can remove it.” Heather stopped sucking me and stood up and started smacking her ass.

“Yeah you little bitch,” and then without me telling her to she started rubbing her bosses pussy with her finger, “I can't believe I've wasted so much time taking orders from a slutty little cunt like you,” I found this quite impressive since Heather was still blindfolded but was still able to feel her way towards my new slave's sensitve parts She started slapping her some more and to my amusement Miss Jones was getting more and more damp. To tell you the truth I knew Heather wasn't happy with her, since she was the one that helped me with the blackmail, but to see her start to fondle herself while finger fucking the boss was making me cock really stand at attention. Her hands left her bosses ass and to both are surprise she had grabbed the eight inch dildo from the couch, the one I was planning on using on the bitch, and she was sticking it up her ass. We both watched Heather in her slut wear performing self anal sex, it got to the point were I quickly pulled out my cock and shoved it in Miss Jones's mouth. If I had any doubt to Heather's ability to be a cruel Mistress they all but evaporated watching her get off on my slave's shame.

“Fuck your ass while you suck it slut” seeing Heather's reactions had brought an even more aggressive side to me than I thought possible. Her guilty pleasure was slowly exposed as her hands continued to play with the butt plug in her ass. Heather felt around the dildo still in her ass hole until she finally made contact with Miss Jones, she ran her fingers over her body until she found her neck and then with one hand grabbed her hair with the other she fumbled around until she found my cock and then she proceeded to feed it violently to her.

“Is this how you got your job in the first place you dirty little whore?” Heather asked getting more and more aggressive with my slave.

“Yes, I'm a dirty whore,” the words escaped Miss Jones lips while at the same time tears streamed down her face as her ass gyrated and her hands pumped the plug faster and faster. I slapped Heather back, not as a reminder as to whom was in charge but as a matter of self preservation, I felt like she was about to rip it off she was feeding her boss her evening cocktail so violently. Then to both are shock Heather smiled as she rubbed her face. “Do it again, harder this time, show me whose in charge. I complied smacking her not to hurt her but bring her pleasure, then I grabbed the bustier by the zipper and zipped it down half way. I pulled her up and bent her over by the coach and ripped off her panties. If she had any issues about losing her underwear so violently she didn't vocalize them. Miss Jones just watched looking like she was about to cry. Betrayed, her darkest secrets exposed and pussy juices were running down her leg. I smacked Heather's ass and she yelped with pleasure and I was starting to wonder was their any woman in this company that wasn't a nympho masochist.

“I'm going to cum slaves,” it was too much having one under my control was hot, but two, two was two fucken hot and I was ready to cum hard. “Heather I want you to jerk my cock and spray this little whore all over. As for you slut slave, “ I referred to Miss Jones “I want one hand fucking that ass and one hand groping those tits, show me where you want me to cum.” She complied running her free had over her luscious tits while Heather stroked me more gently. She rubbed her hand all over her tits and looked at my cock being stroked with such a monstrous hunger in her eyes. Heather surprised me again by licking my balls in an obvious attempt to make me cum sooner. “Do you want it?” They both nodded and replied

“Yes sir”

“You are my slave now you will meet me where and do what I tell you for now on.”

“Yes sir,” Miss Jones replied.

“Fuck you sir,” Heather said with a smile, I looked at her and realized she wanted me to hit her again.

“If you want my cum slave you will answer properly” I told her. She continued to jerk my cock but also stuck out her tongue and started to lick the tip. Though she was cute and acting sexier than I ever saw her I would not brook disobedience. I grabbed Heather's hair and shoved her face into my slut slave's pussy. “You will eat her pussy and only her pussy until you learn proper respect,” I smacked her ass once and Heather squealed with glee as she ate her bosses pussy. “I'm going to step out for a bit. Heather if you truly want me to abuse you lick her pussy and don't stop until I come back. But she is not allowed to touch you. She will continue to touch herself and you will eat her pussy until I return. If you're good Heather I'll put red welts all over your tits, ass and pussy.” She moaned at my threat/promise and continued to eat her pussy. “And you,” I said directing my attention to Miss Jones “what's your name?'

“Slut slave sir,” she said moaning as she straddled Heather's face from the couch. I left them there and went to find a couple of cups of coffee and a place to jerk off peacefully.


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