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The seduction of Jeanette Chapter 2

Chapter 2

"Yes, please get in the middle of the sigil and remove your clothes”

"Wow. Um. Yes, sir." I watched as her hunger for easy power undid any common sense she might have had. She unbuttoned her shirt and laid it on the floor. She then removed her skirt. She looked at me and I didn't react in the slightest. Seeing this as a good sign she off her shoes and pantyhose. I watched her strip obediently until all she hand on were her bra and panties. I started lighting candles.

"You... you want me to be completely naked, sir?" she asked blushing.

"Yes Jeanette and tell me the truth how are you feeling?" She answered while removing her bra and panties while

"Well...I'm kind of afraid. But to be honest, I'm also really turned on." She blushed a little more as she revealed another side of herself to me. "I mean, you order me to strip naked and I just do it. I don't know why I am doing this." She laughed a little bit and bit her lip as she tried to figure out her arousal.

"It's understandable, now Jeanette, I'm also going to have to be naked for this ritual and I'm afraid that there will have to be some pain involved"

"Pain? Um, what do you mean, sir?" she asked while twitching nervously

"I'm afraid that's its part of the ritual, you must be tested" I was going to enjoy testing her.

"All right. I guess you're the boss." she said with a wink. The foolishness of this woman was making it difficult to not just ravage her, but if I did that then she would catch on. However it didn't mean I couldn't have a little fun with her.

"Now you have to keep standing, if you start to falter we'll have to use the chains to hold you up"

"Ooo! I'll do my best, then." Still smiling. She thought this was one of those things that playful charm would help in winning me over. Instead I grabbed a riders crop and walked around making sure she could see it. Then I whipped her calf. "Hey, what are you... OOW!" She buckled a little bit when I hit her.

"I'm sorry Jeanette," I told her as I rubbed her leg. "We can stop if you want to, or I can just use my hands instead."

"Is this whipping part of the ritual?"

"Testing your pain threshold is part of the ritual, I'll just use my hands" I slapped her left ass cheek.

"Ah!" the cry was more out of surprise then pain

'Should I continue?" I asked her

"I can take a little bit of spanking. I'm a big girl." she said with the same flippancy in her voice

I wet my fingers with my tounge and smacked herr right cheek."Ow!"

And then move to her left and her right, and your left and right again. "Wow... I can't believe you're doing this to me. OW! No one's ever done this to me..."

"How does it make you feel?" I asked her as I spanked hercheeks three more times

"I don't know. I feel... different. Ow! It hurts... but somehow it's a good kind of different. I feel... to be honest... I feel aroused. Should I be?" That was what I needed to hear to know I was in control. Whenever anyone asks should I feel this way they are leaving themselves open to easy manipulation

"Yes, you should, would you like some more be honest?"

"Yes, sir."

"Jeanette I need you to put up your arms, I would really like to perform the ritual and I can't if you fall" I tell her looking for a reason to chain her up

"All right. Can I just hold on to the chains?" I spanked her some more, taking a little time to caress her ass.

"Yes, " I told her, showing her some mercy would keep her off centre not sure what to expect next.

"Ow! You enjoy playing with me, don't you, sir?" She said smiling and flirting

"Do you want me to stop?" I asked her an attempt to assert my dominance as I spanked her harder

"Ow! No, sir!" I spanked her harder

"Then ask me nicely"

"OW!" She looked me in the eyes and smiled"Please continue testing my pain threshold, sir."

I could see from the look in her eyes that she was enjoying herself. I walked around in front of her and slapped herr breast.

"AH!" I went over and caressed her lovely ass before spanking it again and grabbing the crop.

I whipped her ass with the crop suspecting that she was ready for more extreme testing. But I needed to make sure she would be obedient.


"If you want more say Thank you sir, "

"Are you sure this is part of the ritual, sir? Isn't it just because you enjoy punishing me?" Even as she asked I could see her nipples harden, the sweat glistening off her shaved pussy. She was horny

"Thank you, sir. Thank you for whipping me.” She then laughed "Oh my God, I can't believe I said that."I whipped her ass again and then went over and started whipping her left breast then her right

"How are you feeling Jeanette"


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