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The Surprise

I arrived a day early so I can get everything in order the way my Master likes it. It has been four months since we last seen each other. My name is Carole and John is my Master and we have a long distance relationship and have been together for a year. I never thought that I would find my perfect match since all I kept finding were slime balls, and I was ready to give up hope on ever being a slave to another Dom. Late one night when I had a quiet moment since I’m a security guard at a high class office building. I just finished doing my rounds making sure no one was hiding in the building, so I pulled out my laptop since I had time to kill. I opened it up and started my chat program and went into my usual haunt not expecting much action so early in the morning.

As I entered the room, there was a heated discussion on knife play. I was just going to sit and read the scroll since the subject matter didn’t interest me. Then something caught my attention and that was a comment a sub made, and I couldn’t ignore the comment as much as I would have loved to. Before I knew it my fingers were flying over the keys. If this person was sitting in front of me, I would have beaten them. What gets on my nerves is people who don’t know what they are talking about and making accusations without any facts or knowledge. Before I knew it I was in this discussion with both feet. The Dominant who was failing in the argument private messaged me, and thanked me for helping Him out. Who would have thought on that night I would have found my one. All because I couldn’t bite my tongue hard enough.

Like I said I arrived here a day early because I wanted everything to be perfect for my Master since it’s our one year anniversary. I found this cabin for rent that was up in the Pineridge Forest. It was secluded and the only neighbors around were the animals. I bought enough food for the weekend, a bottle of wine and a case of beer for Him, as well as made sure the cabin had enough fire wood for the weekend.

My Master was due to arrive at any moment. I was kneeling naked on the rug and I could feel the softness of it under my knees. The only light source was the fire and I watched as the flames made shadows dance on the walls. Out of habit I ran my fingers over my collar since it made me feel closer to Him even when we were miles apart. It reminded me that my heart, body and soul was protected and looked after by Him. I was proud to be His since I didn’t think I could ever be happier.

I heard Master’s truck pull up to the cabin and my heart skipped a beat. I couldn’t help but smile knowing that I will soon feel His eyes upon me. The front door opened and I felt a blast of cold air as He stepped inside. The sudden burst of cold air hit my warm flesh and I felt my nipples on my 36C breasts get harder, and I felt my pussy get wetter. Even though the warmth of the fire was trying to beat away the chill from me I hear the floor creak as He enters the room, and I controlled the urge of wanting to run up to Him and feel His arms hold me tight. I know that Master is standing in the door way watching me since I feel His eyes roaming over my body. As He stands there, I can’t help but feel self-conscious even though all I want to do is look up and see His handsome face. The face I have only seen in my dreams or on face chat for the last four months. I also knew what He expected from me, so I stayed the way I was waiting for His approach. The longer He stood there, the more nervous I got.

Inside my brain I was screaming at Him and begging for His touch at the same time. Finally I heard Master’s boots walking closer on the wooden floor. He stood in front of me and I saw His boots, and I so much wanted to reach out and touch Him to make sure that He was real. He reached out His hand and caressed my cheek, and I so much wanted to lean into His touch, but I knew better. I was just happy to be with Him once again. Master lifted my head, and for the first time my brown eyes met His light blue eyes. I see the smile on His face as He leans down and kisses me, and I feel the warmth of His mouth upon my lips, as His tongue probes the inside of my warm mouth. I swirl my tongue around His trying to pull it deeper into my mouth. We both couldn’t help but moan into each other’s mouth as I feel His hands travel down from my head, to my collar as His fingers ran over the soft leather. His fingers then ran along my chest and down to my breasts. His fingers pinched, pulled and flicked my nipples. I couldn’t help but moan into His mouth. He broke our kiss and whispered in my ear.

“Such a needy slut I have.”

I saw the smile on His face as He said this.

“It’s a good thing that I like needy sluts.”

He sat down on the rug in front of the fireplace.

“Please remove My boots for me girl, and please get me a drink as well. Then you may join Me here.”

He patted His lap, so I got to work, happy to finally be able to touch Him. I removed His boots and stood up to put them by the door. Then go and get Him a drink.

“What would Master like to drink? I bought some wine, beer, coffee or water.”

“I will take a bottle of beer girl.”

With that I took Master’s boots and placed them at the door on the mat. I locked the door out of habit and then went to the fridge. I took a bottle of beet out of the fridge and opened it. I also brought a glass with me to cover my bases. I walked over to the edge of the soft brown rug and knelt down at His feet. He reached out and took the bottle of beer and glass from my hand. He placed the glass and beer on the coffee table behind Him. He reached up and dragged me into His lap and hugged me tight. I wrapped my arms around Him and didn’t want to ever leg go.

“This is nice Master.”

“Yes it is my girl. I really like this cabin and I’m glad that you found it. I have waited so long to do this again the minute we parted ways last time, I began counting until we could be together again.”

“So did I Master. The nights are too lonely without You and hard to get to use to without You beside me.”

“So have I my dear girl.”

Master held me tight and kissed along my cheek, ear and neck. I couldn’t help but moan. He ran His fingers around my breasts, and pinched my nipples. I moaned in His ear as I kissed His cheek. He leaned down and sucked my right nipple into His mouth, and I couldn’t help but moan and arch my back. His left hand worked on my left nipple. He looked up at me and smiled.

“Such a horny slut you are.”

“Only for You Master.”

Master sucked my left nipple and gently bit it as His other hand teased my right nipple. I arched my back and ran my fingers along the back of His neck and through His hair. He let out a low moan. He kept going back and forth working His magic on my nipples. I ran my fingers up and down His clothed cock. Letting my fingers tease Him as I felt His cock react to my touch. I slowly slipped from Master’s lap and laid in between His outstretched legs. I undid His belt and the button on His jeans. I slowly unzipped His pants and looked up at Him with a sheepish grin. He looks down at me watching me carefully. I gently pull His half hard cock out of His boxers, and run my tongue over the head. I hear Master moan and try to force His cock into my mouth, but I have other plans for Him because I’m not going to let Him ruin my pleasure. I let my tongue lap at the head of His cock as I listen to His moans of pleasure. Master closes His eyes as I push the tip of my tongue in and out of the slit of His cock. I can’t help but smile since He knows how much of a cock slut I am. I slowly lick and suck His balls into my mouth and I gently squeeze them with my mouth. I hear Him gasp and groan, while I pump His cock with my hand.

“Such a good cock slut you are girl. You look after Me so well.”

I run my tongue slowly up the shaft of Master’s cock. I let my tongue dance along the head of His cock before slowly pushing His cock into my mouth. I then slowly pull it out, as He tries to push my head back onto His cock. I can’t help but lightly chuckle since at this moment I’m the one in charge. I’m enjoying my time teasing Master’s cock and working at my own pace. I lick up the shaft before pushing His cock deep into my mouth and roll my tongue over His semi hard cock. I feel His hands in my hair.

“God, your mouth feels so good. I have missed it so much.”

I smile around His cock and start pumping His cock in and out of my mouth a little faster. I push Master’s cock deep into my mouth and ran my tongue up and down the shaft, as I hear is His moans. I slowly remove His cock from my mouth.

“Don’t stop your magic girl.”

I lean up and kiss Master with my cock tasting mouth, as I slowly pump His cock.

“Girl, it’s not nice to tease Your Master.”

I can’t help but look at Him and weigh my options carefully. I run my fingernail over the slit and slowly go back to sucking Master’s cock. I suddenly feel Him push me off of His cock, as I let out a sigh knowing that He took away my fun and enjoyment. Master pushes me onto my back and spread my legs. For the first time since He arrived, He runs a finger up and down my very wet slit. I can’t help but moan and push against His finger.

“Stay still slut.”

I try my hardest as Master runs a finger around my clit and dips it into me. I so much wanted to push against His fingers. He slowly fingers me and I can’t help but moan. He stops and pulls His fingers out of me and brings His fingers up to my mouth. I lick and suck my juices off of His fingers. I moan as I look at Him and see Him smiling at me.

“See it’s not nice to tease me since I can always turn the tables on you. Don’t forget that girl.”

Master leans down and kisses me as I feel Him rubbing my clit. I moan into His mouth and reach out to stroke His cock, but He pins my hands down. He chuckles at me.

“You had your chance girl and now its pay back.”

I feel Master put an egg on my clit and turn it on high, and I can’t help but moan and squirm. As I get close to orgasming, He turns the egg off. I can’t help but pant. When I least expect it, He turns the egg back on as He walks away to get another beer. I squirm and wriggle, knowing that He is watching me. I feel myself building towards an orgasm and then Master turns off the egg. I’m left lying on the rug panting. I close my eyes trying to relax as He sits down beside me again.

“If you want to cum, you must beg for it.”

I see the wicked glint in Master’s eye and I know that it won’t be as easy as that since I know Him too well. I am His puppet and at His mercy. The egg begins to vibrate again and I feel Him fucking me with a vibrator, as I try my hardest not to push against it. Even though my needy cunt longs to be filled by it, He slowly pushes it in and out, and then pulls it out as He runs the vibe up and down my slit.

“Such a wet and horny slut I have.”


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