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This past weekend

I was out with a few friends and met a nice couple. They were married and in their 40s. She was obviously calling the shots with her hubby as she was Directing his with things like "honey, why don't you get us all drinks and meet us over there" and "we're going to talk over there so wait here."

She and I wandered over to another part of the bar and she and I were flirting, fondling and kissing, all as hubby watched. She then grabbed my swollen cock, from outside of my slacks, as she made sure that he was watching. She leaned over, whispered in my ear:

"I want you to do this to my pussy!" And she licked my ear! My cock involuntarily throbbed in her hand. She then added:

"And if you're any good at licking me, he might suck your cock too!"

We all left and he drove their car as she and I followed in mine. Along the way, she explained that he was submissive and in the early stages of his training as her sissy. She asked if I had any problems with that. I assured her that I did not.

Once inside of their beautiful home, she told him to strip immediately. He blushed quite a bit but removed his clothing. The I then saw why he was blushing! Under his clothes, he was wearing women's panties and thigh-high stockings. His body was shaved smooth and his cock was caged and very small. She then instructed him to turn around and bend over. As he did, the bright blue jewel, signaling that he was wearing a butt plug, was clearly visible between his very smooth butt cheeks!

She then reached for my growing erection, most-likely confirming my excitment, got close to my ear again and said "after you and I fuck, maybe we'll fuck that too!"

She then instructed hubby to "undress our guest." He slowly dressed me until I was naked and sporting a semi-hard erection. He couldn't take his eyes off of my cock and I swear that he actually licked his lips.

"May I?" He asked of his wife.

"You may..." She responded. He immediately dropped to his knees and toyfully licked and sucked on my cock as she and I kissed and felt each other's bodies. She was still fully dressed and seemed to enjoy her position of having two naked men in her presence.

"Don't make him cum" she stated. "Not yet, anyway."

He was really enjoying my cock and I have to admit that he was really talented at sucking cock!

"Let's go upstairs" she suddenly announced. He rose and she and I held hands as he followed. Once in the guest room, not their bedroom, she seductively undressed as he continued to suck me. Once she was down to her lingerie, she told him to sit in the corner. She took my hand and we both lay on the bed and began to make-out.. Our hands Traveling all over each other's bodies. She eventually directed me to her very wet pussy and told me to lift up on my knees and to then lick and eat her out. She said that she wanted hubby to watch my hanging cock and balls as I ate her but I soon learned that she had other ideas. As I ate her very wet pussy, she told hubby:

"Be a good host and lick his asshole as he eats your Mistress."

I immediately felt his tongue begin to rim me as I continued to lick her wet center. I have to admit that it felt really good!

Her orgasm came quickly and her juices coated my face. It's as she came, that I felt his tongue begging to probe and open my anal ring! He was tongue-fucking me as I licked his wife!

She then guided my face away from her center and up to her mouth where we passionately kissed. She broke the kiss long enough to say:

"Fuck me... Fuck me HARD!"

I toyed the tip of my cock with her wet center - teasing her opening and then began to slowly sink into her depths. Once I was all the way in, the fucking began. She felt wonderful and I was really enjoying the long, slow in-and-out motion. She then suddenly spoke to her hubby:

"Gently cup his ball-sack.... Don't let him cum - not yet anyway."

With that hubby's fingers wrapped around the space between the base of my cock and my testicles - working like a cock-ring, and he held me firmly yet gently. She and I continued fucking as he held me in such a way to prevent me from cumming. She came again and finally a third time and then shifted under me and I popped out.

She then kissed me and simply said:

"I'd like you to fuck sissy now. I want you to cum deep inside of his pussy/ass. Show him what it feels like to be a woman. Will you do this for me? If you do this for me, once you're ready, I'll have him suck you hard and then you can fuck MY asshole. Would you like that?"

I looked over at her hubby and he was already on his hands and knees, his tight little hairless ass facing us!


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