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Tied with Lights- one of my stories


Tom and his wife Mary were at home relaxing and decided to set up their Christmas tree. Both were in their mid-fifties, and were in very good shape as they exercised regularly. Tom and his wife Mary also had a very active sex life, and made sure to make time for their intimate encounters on a weekly basis.

After they took out the tree and set it up in the living room, Tom left for a minute to go into the garage to get the 7 strings of 100 clear lights each to use for decorating the tree.

When Tom walked back in, he froze when he saw his lovely petite wife Mary being held by a burglar who had come in through the unlocked patio door.

The burglar had his hand wrapped around her mouth and had a gun pointed at Tom.

“Please don’t hurt her”, Tom said in a quivering voice.

“Just don’t hurt her”. We will do what you want.”

“If you know what is good for both of you, and you want to live, you will do exactly as I say”, the burglar told Tom.

The burglar then shoved Mary towards Tom.

“Both of you”, the burglar said, let’s go into the bedroom.”

Pointing the gun at them, Tom and Mary walked into the bedroom, with Tom still holding the strings of Christmas Lights he had retrieved from the garage.

Once Tom and Mary were inside the bedroom, the burglar said to them, “that’s far enough.” “Sir, put the lights on the floor.” “Now both of you strip!”.

Seeing no other alternative since the burglar had the gun pointed at both, Tom and Mary began to strip. Once they had removed their clothes and were now standing in only their underwear, Tom and Mary stopped.

“Why did you stop?”, the burglar asked. “I told you to strip, and I mean everything!”.

Reluctantly, Tom and Mary removed their underwear until both were standing stark naked in front of the burglar.

The burglar then spoke. “Lady, get down on your knees and give you man a blow job.”

Mary got down on her knees and proceeded to suck on her husband’s cock until his cock became hard and erect.

“Lady, stand up and you sir, put your cock into her vagina.”

Since both Tom and Mary were the same height, Tom pushed his hard and erect cock into his wife’s vagina.

“Stand still both of you and don’t move.

The burglar then picked up the Christmas Lights and taking one string at a time, wrapped and tied them around Tom and Mary’s bodies.

As the last string was wrapped around Tom and Mary’s body, the burglar moved away to admire his handiwork.

“You two look very nice together”.

The burglar then picked up the underwear from the floor.

“Can’t have you calling for help”, the burglar said.

The burglar then forced Mary’s pantie and bra into her mouth and then wrapped some cloth duct tape around her mouth to hold in the gag. He then picked up the t-shirt and boxer shorts and forced them into Tom’s mouth and wrapped some cloth duct tape around his mouth to hold in the gag.

The burglar also wrapped cloth duct tape around Mary’s eyes and then around Tom’s eyes.

The burglar then pushed both Tom and Mary so they fell onto the bed.

“Merry Christmas”, the burglar said as he left.

“Tom and Mary were left naked, bound, gagged and blindfolded to struggle in their Christmas Tree Light restraints as Tom continued to pump ropes of hot semen into his wife’s vagina.

All Tom and Mary could do was to moan as loud as they could through their heavily gagged mouths in the hopes that someone would hear them.


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