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Trip to San Antonio

Katie, I had a great time w George in San Antonio! I had a good time w my parents in South Padre Island before I went to SA to meet George. I don't care if I'm over 30, they'd be livid, if I told them why I really wanted to go there alone! Mom would've probably hidden my purse, my ID, etc! Mom already hung up on me when I told her I was coming to see them! She keeps track of the weather in our area when they're down there, it was supposed to be icy, snowy. I'm her baby! She basically still treats me like I'm 12yr old!

After a few days w mom and dad, I was off to San Antonio! Oh Gosh! Nervous doesn't even begin to cover all the emotions I was experiencing!!! It finally hit me, I'm meeting a total stranger! What if he's a serial killer/rapist?! How could I be so stupid?!?? Then I saw him as I came down the escalator toward baggage claim. I was still nervous, but I gave him a side hug, not the kiss I said I would. It only took a few minutes for my suitcase to come around, George grabbed it, we headed towards his car. He put my bag in the backseat, that's when I hugged him for real, reached up, he's a lot taller than me and I kissed him! It wasn't a sweet, tender kiss, it was an enthusiastic, horny teenager kiss!!!


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