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Turtle Key

Fed up w her life, Danielle decided to do something about it. She's watched countless episodes of House Hunter International on HGTV to know how popular and lucrative a bed and breakfast resort abroad can be. Selling her house, cars, cashing in bonds, stocks, she left her hometown in IL for Gorgeous Belize! She'd made some very wise decisions out of college and had a few million dollars when all totaled up. Dani doesn't have kids yet, isn't in a relationship, since she didn't see that changing anytime soon, she decided to make a life change of her own making! Sick of terrible IL winters, Dani dreamt of sun, sand, the beautiful blues the ocean provides.

All of her friends and family thought she was crazy, but they're just jealous they didn't think of it! At her going away party her best friend, Melissa got her alone, started crying! Ryan is having an affair with a nurse at the hospital! She's filled for divorce. When Lissy stopped crying, she Dani if she wanted a partner? Danielle hugged Melissa, said of course! When they left the bedroom Dani announced to everyone that Melissa will be joining her in Belize!!!

Melissa was blindsided by Ryan's affair! Their sex life had always been great, so she didn't understand what happened? She's heartbroken! She's also going to be a very rich woman after their divorce is finalized! Ryan is a plastic surgeon. He's very good at his job, not so much as a human being! He bought her half of their condo, he still wanted to live there, but w nurse Abby. Melissa sold her cars, bought a bike w a basket, had it shipped to Belize. The night before she was to leave for Belize with Dani she and Ryan had a private dinner at their favorite Chinese restaurant, The Golden Dragon. Melissa would miss their food. After they ate, Ryan told her he is sorry that he hurt her. He didn't plan it, it just happened. Melissa saw the tears in Ryan's eyes, she knew what she had to do. Standing up she hugged him, looked up, kissed him one last time and said, I forgive you before walking away. She needed to say it as much as he needed to hear it.

Danielle flew to Belize a week ago. She found a cheap apartment for them to rent until they bought their resort. She found a realtor and he showed her a few properties before Melissa arrived. Lissy couldn't believe she was really there! It didn't sink in until she went snorkeling! Seeing the water, reefs, a sea turtle made it real!!! She was in heaven on earth!

The next day Georgio showed them a few more options. The one they chose was Turtle Key. It's a private island resort. They'll put their own stamp on it, build more over the water cottages, buy two boats, one to ferry guests, another one for fishing charters. They hired a few more maids, landscapers, boat captains, a couple of recent graduates of a culinary school and they were SET!!!

Dani had been an accountant in Chicago. She knows how to keep them in the black! Over the next few months they learned a lot! Of course it was trial by fire, but they wouldn't have it any other way. Lissy has her MBA, she's a tough, but fair manager. She hired a marketing firm to make a website and video for potential guests. They sent a videographer to the island for a few days, his name is Jack Townsend. He's tall, 6'2! Dark brown McDreamy hair, blue/grey eyes, shy smile and an athletes body, muscles in all the right places!

Both women being single decided to have their way with Jack! The day he arrived he was blown away by the beauty that surrounded him! The island, water and the clients! Dani and Lissy shamelessly flirted w him! After a day of filming Jack went to the bar for a tropical drink the girls said he just HAD to try! Damn! This is good Jack said to the beautiful native bartender. She smiled, thanked him. Jack loves women! Petite, curvy, short, tall! He loves the variety! The bartenders name is Maili. She has black hair, tan skin, brown eyes, big breasts for her petite frame, a cute bubble butt, perfect for spanking, squeezing, kissing, licking! Jack flirted with her until Dani and Lissy showed up, invited him to their cottage for dinner and drinks.


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